Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summed up from 2013 experienced with bitcoin

Summing up the experienced with bitcoin involvement since 2013 is a foundation for analyzing the faults and achievements  before . The lessons or what had been experienced from the past should guide us in the direction to take in the years ahead in terms of technology and income. 

On FB the title was "What GBMM tackled with bitcoin since 2013 and the lessons thereat " 

From October 2013 to July 10 2017 there were 77 posted articles;
Summing up the posted articles reflects what i had achieved so far with my involvement with bitcoin . Involvement started actually with sharing generating power of the home computer which was being paid by company’s like “ peer gomez” , i was involve with this company.
They are paying though later i stop its because my home computer could not be working everyday 24 hours . From then on i happen to know which was already involve with bitcoin but its more seen as a “ponzi” on its operation which was not really bitcoin mining.
And from i knew “” . is like peergomez in the sense that they give you free software and with the generation menus on your computer you can see the earnings. They were already mining other cryptos’ but i was only involve in the software generation as reflected from the software. The earnings from software was small , the need for referrals is needed to get more earnings which is a weakness. So to augment or add up earnings from bitcoin I registered with faucet sites or micro wallet faucets as well as social network like “film annex” which is now “bitlanders” There was also a need to register with blockchain to have your bitcoin addresses where bitcoin sites or micro wallet pays. With bitcoin sites you only surf and click on the ads or complete the captcha and then you are being paid in bitcoins .
Surfing for bitcoins takes a lot of time and efforts, even with referrals the earning with bitcoin is still small so i switch to revenue sharing programs where in the first few months the program was good but then later it is no longer profitable for the websites and it just stop paying. The site that was popular then was traffic monsoon which was stop by paypal then SEC i was also registered with this site but all the good about the revenue sharing programs became scam . After the revenue sharing programs now comes this bitcoin surges where the value of 1 bitcoin went up to $2000 then slowly going up, some experts predicts that it would reach $10,000 per bitcoin.
What had been achieved from the past working for bitcoins
  1. I had known bitcoin but under estimate that it would grow now this big so the potential for growing more was still there though i had not been serious enough to work on it the harder way. I work on getting bitcoins only thru faucets or by surfing ads for bitcoins, completing the captcha but not doing the mining part where the higher earnings would really come. Comparing mining with surfing and completing captcha i do think mining bitcoin and other cryptos had more value in terms of earnings, time and effort. Investing is another source to earn from bitcoins , though it needs studies how to be involve with this . Investing could be in the form of trading currency exchange or like polybius investing in ICOs .
  2. In my observation people with more money had the ability to earn more with bitcoins because they can buy more , invest more and also have contacts . They can just switch their capital and contacts to bitcoin business. So its a challenge for those whose money are only from salaries, where its a risk to invest more money and time.
  3. In starting again the former bitcoin sites would be the first source of bitcoins . The sites should be chosen in terms of what sites gives the big value for bitcoins and do away with small earnings which take a lot of time. Mining should be started but had to be aware of possible scammed. Bitcoin sites that had been a scammer should be exposed and listed with the proof of their cases. Investing with bitcoin should be studied and tried.
  4. Joining groups related to bitcoin courses, studies , developments is a must to know the present status worldwide of the technology and currency .

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