Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ad Cash Updates since registration

March 22, 2017  Ad Cash Updates 

The Links for the various coins on the market

This will help you know the numbers behind various coins
on the market right now and how we will have a similar
trajectory - only bigger and faster becuase of our sheer 

Things are heating up  -stay focussed and keep taking massive 
action...... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Done for you email sample copies which u can leverage right away 
to grow your Ads.Cash business !

P.S Purchase of coins on launch day and beyond will 
be using bitcoins

Some of the sites from where you can pick up bitcoins and get yourself
funded so you are ready are : 

Purchase bitcoins using credit card/debit card - ,


March 20, 2017 

After A Long discussion with our investors and some
of our top leaders , we have decided to extend the prelaunch
till 5th April and here's why

1) We are growing at about 10,000 signups a day now and extra 10 days
means another 100,000 people can join this life changing opportunity
and have their lifes changed for ever 

Its all about making a bigger impact with style and what better way
to do that than Ads.Cash 

2) We have recently attracted a lot of top guns from the industry in the last 7
days or so and they all wanted some more time to build so they can have
the same leverage like many of you had who got in day one and it
was only fair to give them a chance

3) Our tech team is right now working 24/7 and still yet there is
so much to be done 

Our servers are maxed out and we have had to allocate a bunch of our
tech team just on to server and stack management from now as in next
10 days we will cross over 500,000 users which is a nightmare
from a database perspective for tech companies...

This extra 10 days or so just gives us enough time to make sure this part is
smooth as after launch also I don't see this momentum slowing
down any time...

4) On The Fintech side , there is a lot going on behind the scenes in terms
of whitepaper version 2.0 , custom blockchain development
and other good stuff...

All will be revealed in this week.......

Trust me all of you will easily be able to double and triple your
teams in the next 10 days with the kind of momentum
we are having......

We have thought this in and out and trust me like always
when i say this - We've got this :)

Stay focussed , keep buying bitcoins ( anyhow its a good investment right now )
so you can pick up as many coins as you can on launch day and keep building
big teams as the bigger teams you build right now , more is the money
you will make in launch
March 19, 2017

 We Have Jumped By About 22 Million Websites In The Last 36
Hours Since We Went Live  :)

Just goes to show what's about to happen in next 30
days to 90 days 

With Over 1000+ people A Day Already Entering The System  ,
We Will Easily Reach Our Goal Of 5000+ Users A Day In About
2 Weeks From Now And Can Foresee Over 100k+ People
Joining The System In The Launch Period !

This Will Ensure That We Are Able To Circualte Anywhere From
20 to 30 millions coins from Day 1 - ( the #1 factor to make a currency valuable is the circulation )
and this one reason alone should easily double the price of ads cash
from its launch price of 2.5 cents to 5 to 10 cents in
30 days after launch !

Overall the launch is running smoothly with here and there few
expected technical bugs which will all be sorted out in the
next 24-48 hours 

With over 145,000+ People in the system and 1000+ people joining
every day - over 40 people every 60 minutes - we have not gone down
even for an hour and the site has not slowed down also

This just goes to show you the level of tech expertise we have here 

( Second Important factor to make the quality coin which will help
further boost the prices ) 

I vision all of leaders getting involved here future multi-millionaires 

We already have people sending requests to pick over a million coins 

Imagine the numbers : If you purchase a million ads cash coins at launch
price of 2.5 cents for about $25000 and we are able to take it to
bare minimum price of $1 in the next 12 months - 

You are sitting on approx 1 million USD in less than 12 months

What if this hits $5 = $5 million USD

What if we hit $10 = $10 million USD

What if we hit our target price of $25 in next 12-24 months = $25 million
$$$$ for a investment of $25,000

You can work out the numbers based on your risk taking capabilities 

I learned very early on in my life that people who take risks and go
with the trends are the ones who make the most money in life 

Question is will you be that person ?

Keep thinking on it and then decide how many coins you are
going to pick once we enter into launch phase 

I am not even counting here the referral and generation plan commissions
here from 7 levels which will make people earing $1000-$10,000
a day right from launch day itself 

Just the start - see what happens next
March 18, 2017

Today for few hours Gremlins attacked our servers and crashed them...

Jokes apart , thanks to such crazy global momentum today for
few hours our servers went down and that's why some of you
were not able to see your teams and downlines information..

Everything is back up again - thanks to our 24/7 hard working
efficient tech team...

All the sites including login panel are https secured also and things
are just overall shaping great

We are averaging now 7000-8000 new reps a day and at this rate
this number will be 10,000+ any time....

As per latest alexa rankings , we just entered in top 46,000 sites globally
and at this rate we will be in top 10,000 sites in no time..

Here are the live stats link

People all around the world are waking up to the possibilities with 
their Ads.Cash business and can clearly see the vision here and
how easy this business model really is..

All you really got to do is buy as many coins as you can
and refer as many people as you can and make money becuase of 
increasing value of the coins and also get paid upto 25 % of the overall
sales across 7 levels in your teams.......

Simple and easy ...

Get buy buying bitcoins now as they have recently dipped in price so you can
pick up as many coins as you can in launch for 10x to 100x to 1000x
profits in next 6 to 12 months and refer as many people as you can

Lets help you achieve your dreams with Ads.Cash

March 17, 2017 

We just added Presentation In 7 More Languages
In Your Backoffice In Concept Presentation Section

This should help many of you in building your teams
across the countries where these languages are spoken 

We also crossed over 8,500 signups yesterday and on
track to touch 9000 signups today

In terms of alexa in next 48 hours we will enter in top 50,000
sites globally and in top 10,000 in many countries of the world

More and more top leaders are coming on board as they are realizing
the vision of and its future scope

Behind the scenes we are busy with final drafts of whitepaper version
2.0 for the coins and also with global registrations in countries
like HK , Dubai , Singapore , USA and UK to begin with......

Very shortly you will hear from our Chief Finance Officer also who is spear
heading the ICO project and working with his connections to get the blockchain
rolling and get the coin to exchange in next 6-12 months......

For now I will say - you have not seen nothing yet 

It's just the start of what I will like to call " A Billion $$$ Game " 

So many lifes will be changed

So many millionaires and multi-millionaires will be created here

We got this

All you got to do is buy as many bitcoins as you can so you can purchase
as many coins as you can in launch at 2.5 cent ICO price and benefit
from price increase as we go from 2.5 cents to $2.5 to $25 and beyond..........
which is potentially 100x to 1000x on your money 

Also you want to get focussed big time on spreading your referral links everywhere
so you can build a big team heading into the launch and leading
to maximum profits...

Friday, March 17, 2017

Adcash the future Ad Currency on Pre launch


 I am following bitcoin developments since its beginning and Ad Cash which is a project of Ethereum.  Ethereum will be dealing with 'SMART CONTRACTS" the ads system will be different

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ads Cash zooming crazy

Wow ..........Check this out

The business I have been telling you to create a free account
has now officially been declared super hit by Alexa itself...

We are in top 60,000 sites globally and in top 10,000 sites
in many countries around the world

Over 6,000+ members a day are now joining daily.....

They can see the vision , the power behind this opportunity

Just for clicking here and creating a free account you are getting
free 100 Ads.Cash Coins which can in future touch $10/coin

This is like having $1000 in the bank account.....

Plus you can earn easy $100-$1000/Day by simply offering free
accounts to people you know on social media and everyone else....

All info here

See you inside if you are not already there

Rod Salvador

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Great offer from

Bitcoin is now being a main concern online. It had proven from its start way back that this will be the new money online and its happening the value of bitcoin vis a vis a dollar is now $1000+ and its getting higher from every bitcoin.  Every site now likes to be involve with bitcoin,  i believed the bitcoin technology when it started, though i had faltered for a time but its still not late so join me in this quest to make bitcoin the new money. 

Grab this offer from  ; 

Dear user,
We are excited to announce a launch of a new feature - a bitcoin savings account!

You can now earn 4.08% annual interest (paid and compounded daily) on any balance that you hold in your account, without doing anything!

All you need to do is mantain a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account and we shall pay you compounded interest on your full balance everyday. There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest right from the first day!) and your balance can be withdrawn any time you wish. Treat your account like an instant-access savings account to hold your excess bitcoins and earn passive interest on your account balance everyday.

If you cannot remember your password, click the LOGIN button in the home page and then the FORGOT PASSWORD? link to reset your password. - Win free bitcoins every hour, no strings attached!

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