Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 29/ 17 updates more than a week

Its more than a week since i had not posted an article in our venture for bitcoins and there a lot of happenings in the bitcoin environment.  Although i am not posting , i am updating the results of my  "Earn Bitcoins Easy Way" page. 

The page content are changing and i had been observing different changes ;  ( )

* I had said before in one of my article that i preferred to get or earn bitcoins thru mining so i will add different mining sites on my "earn bitcoins easy way" but it would not only bitcoins but cryptos
since mining sites have choices of different cryto coins.  So far i have eobot, hashflare, minergate, fleex and genesis mining though the latter i had not been active yet. 

* I had summed the number of bitcoins this July 29/17 and its about 619,805 satoshis which is only $16 @ $2732/ bitcoin today so its for the week ending this July 29/17 . The number is only about bitcoins not other cryptos like doge, ethereum, litecoin and many others. 

* I had found and learned on youtube videos some good mining sites and the experienced of other miners generating bitcoins FREE using different cryptos and links with other faucets and mining sites which i am now following , i will post my videos about this. If you will visit the page "earn bitcoins easy way" the "mining site" eobot you can see that i am concentrating on raising up my GHS for mining . 

* In the other faucets or sources of bitcoins , i am now encountering some problems like bitcoins that i had surf is not showing the right total on the micro-wallet like faucet  hub. There are also faucets or bitcoin sites that are on and off on the net. There are times that they are online and offline,  I observe that the old sites with my total number of bitcoins nearing its withdrawal that are having the problem on the loading, some have really changed the site. You have to start again from 0 satoshis which is not my cased. They are also not replying on your complaint which i considered now scammer bitcoin sites.  Sharing this with you is a learning experience and be aware of this sites.

*There will be changes or might be big disruption what will happen at the end of July 2017 and probably felt also for the 1st week of August or i dont know but i will discuss this in one my article to follow.  Every bitcoin enthusiast will be affected so as we who want to have more bitcoins, will prices be affected they call changes to be " bitcoin split" 

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