Thursday, August 31, 2017

Latest with bitcoin cash

I had been following the split and more particular to bitcoin cash.  In my eobot account i see to it that bitcoin cash be mined  but i found it  slow in terms of the increased on bits while the other bitcoin or the segwit  is continuosly increasing and now had reached  $4,700 / bitcoin. 

There are articles that gives their views on whats happening with the two bitcoins ; 

From Payza blog ; 

Despite Early Surge, Future of Bitcoin Cash Still Uncertain After Fork

On July 20, the Bitcoin mining community voted in favor of Segregated Witness (or SegWit): a technological solution designed to increase the transaction capacity of the Bitcoin network. The vote was almost unanimous which would have resulted in a single currency emerging from the upgrade, but a vocal minority of the community that opposed SegWit decided to go ahead with a hard fork instead.
This group of miners announced that the implementation of Bitcoin Cash, with a block size of 8MB, would take place via a hard fork on August 1. Now, one month later, Bitcoin Cash is still struggling to catch up to its big brother.
Both SegWit and the hard fork were designed to solve Bitcoin’s scaling problem. The cryptocurrency has become so popular that the original blockchain, with a block size of 1MB, was unable to process the sheer volume of Bitcoin transactions. SegWit solves this problem by recording transaction signatures onto a separate ledger, freeing up more space on the blockchain for the input data. Alternatively, the hard fork would solve the issue by simply increasing the size of the individual blocks in the chain, allowing for more transactions to be confirmed within a single block.

Why opt for a hard fork?

Proponents of the hard fork take issue with SegWit for several reasons: they argue that SegWit does not increase capacity significantly enough to maintain Bitcoin’s cryptocurrency market leadership, that segregating the transaction signatures would effectively “centralize” control of the currency, and that the solution favored people who viewed Bitcoin as a digital investment rather than a transactional currency.
On the other hand, a hard fork would maintain the fundamental design of the Bitcoin blockchain while multiplying the transaction capacity. The downside is that increasing the block size makes the new chain incompatible with the old – it’s called a hard fork because it effectively splits (or forks) Bitcoin into two separate currencies.

A new coin emerges

This is what happened on August 1. Bitcoin as we know it went in one direction while Bitcoin Cash, a new cryptocurrency created by the fork, went off in another. Despite the attention and scrutiny, it was an inauspicious start for Bitcoin Cash, at 8:20 am (EST), miners began working on what would be the network’s first block. Some thought it would happen quickly, others thought it would take several hours, but as the day went on many began to doubt the effort, worrying that miners would give up on Bitcoin Cash and return to Bitcoin even before the first block was mined. But then at 2:14 pm, after nearly 6 hours of mining, the first block was found, officially launching the new blockchain.
The rough first day may have set a bad tone for Bitcoin Cash, or perhaps the fact that Coinbase (one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges) publicly announced that it would not support the new coin on its platform (at least not initially) had something to do with this negativity. Both of these things cast a shadow on Bitcoin Cash, conveying a lack of trust and implying low acceptance and reliability of the new coin. One week after the hard fork, mining on the original blockchain remained 30% more profitable than the new chain, and despite much larger block capacities, the original chain had grown 920MB more than the new chain.

Bitcoin Cash, one month later

Now, one month after the split, the price of Bitcoin Cash is experiencing a steady decline after an impressive surge. The value had an early peak of $677 USD on August 2nd before dropping down to around $200 soon after, and excitement dropped off as people turned their eyes back onto Bitcoin and the imminent implementation of SegWit. In the days leading up to SegWit’s launch on August 23rd, Bitcoin Cash again climbed sharply from $300 to over $900 per coin in a 72-hour period as investors hedged their bets amidst uncertainty about Bitcoin’s future. However, with SegWit successfully implemented as of last Wednesday, Bitcoin Cash has begun another seemingly steady decline.
While it’s easy to be dismissive of Bitcoin Cash, the arguments put forward by the developers who support the new cryptocurrency remain valid. Going forward, the original coin and the new one will continue to compete and draw comparisons to each other, with the two ideologies being put to the test. In the first week after SegWit, the expected boost in Bitcoin’s capacity has not yet been seen; if SegWit fails to make the hoped-for impact, many may yet turn to Bitcoin Cash after all. Whether one or the other proves to have the superior technology, or whether both can have a valuable role in the crypto economy, is still yet to be determined.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Roger Ver the bitcoin Jesus on bitcoin cash (BCC)

In the last two months we were confronted with new developments the latest was about the split. I did not know about this debate until it came to be last August 1, 2017  that a new "fork" thats what the experts says had been activated.  

For us laymen it means that a new coin or a split from the old or classic bitcoin  was born.  At first i did not know this , until i search on why is this happening with bitcoin  and we cannot help but accept the fact this events. 

And with my search , i had known some information about the split and Roger Ver , the bitcoin Jesus was one among on the side of "bitcoin cash" whom i know was the very first big investor of bitcoin. 

Here is his side about the "bitcoin cash" 

  An interview was also done with Roger Ver and ask him about  bitcoin cash

With the changes that are happening now we just dont know what will happen with the crypto technology.  Maybe you can share what you think will happen? 

For the meantime , let us continue with some research about this happenings  within the bitcoin eco system .

bitcoin cash is now added with as one of the coins being mined  visit and register with  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

two months re activation gains bitcoins

It had been two months that i had re activate my different accounts in bitcoin and it gains bitcoins and earnings . Previously i was more involved in ad revenue sharing but had not been active with bitcoins but since ad revenue sharing were no longer productive so i switch on again with my venture with a new technology.  Luckily the bitcoins vs dollar is rising up and now it had risen to about $4000.  I have been listing my accounts and the results since May 21 and today August 23 is already two months. 

Since 2013 i had been registered with but i am in mining with my personal computer and its earning though i had to deal more with faucet sites that pays in bitcoin but now i start with cloud mining in bitcoin, faucets and some other bit programs.  

In ;  

Latest results
mining result for bitcoin  50 0
mining result for ethereum 201 0
maning result for litecoin  500 0
mining result for steem 7049 0
mining result for dogecoin 48.8907788 50.05249761 daily increase
mining result for ripple 212295 0
mining result for dashcoin  336 0
mining result for golem 0
mining result for curecoin 8711 0
mining result for xem  343490 0
mining result for monero  497 0
mining result for zcash 9227 0
mining result for byte coin bcn 0.30039465 0.02
mining result for  BITCOIN CASH 3309 3319 10
mining result for USD 0
mining result for grid coin  421755 0
cloud seti  1.3256252 1.32663633 0.00009843
cloud folding  7624772 0.75711209 0.00053652
cloud mining ghs  4.22773+++ 4.23154333 0.0457507
In the venture for earnings on eobot the very first that i learned with other miners was to raise the power of GHS , so its what i am doing for the last two months though i am mining two programs SETI and Cloud folding, two coins were also bypassed Bitcoin Cash which is being mined and dogecoin which is increasing because of bonus for every login.  I am also using the diversity set up to get increased bits for some selected coins. Curecoins and grid coins now are growing bits from SETI and Cloud Folding.  A column on the image above shows the increased results of mining daily.  You can also view the results daily since i do post it here on page   Latest  purchased hash
SHA 256  0.05 THS   purchase June 30/ 17 = $6 44427 45241 814 satoshis
ETHASh  0.02  MHS   purcahse June 30/  $4.40 342349 346965 4616 eth is another mining site though hashes had to be purchased results of mining for satoshis and ethereum are on the right column
                                                                                                                    Latest            Difference 1066 1113 47
9 cryptos--bytecoin,monero,fantomcoin,quazar coin,digital note reg July 20/17 
monetaverde, dashcoin, aeon coin, infinium  free/ mine on com

Minergate is a crypto pools created by mining enthusiast .  It is mining different alt coins on its pool , mined throug cloud mining free and paid . Purchased hashes to increased mine power.  I am mining 9 alt coins as described and the result of the mining is above , changes occur due to fluctuating prices of different coins 

CELLPHONE OR TABLET download app at play store
In dollar
code OU4LND for bitmaker app on phone or tablet  552750 blk
xapo -= bitcoins  0.00103899 $4.45
coinbase = ethereum  0.0028 eth $1.07
Cellphone or tablet can already be used to raised bitcoins as well as dollar equivalent , Bitmaker is one of the
application that can be download on play store on cellphone or tablets. You can used my code  OU4LND for your bitmaker app

SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES          109 130 2k is on fhub 21603 plus 7 7 90570 plus 15 15
Social networking sites are already engaged in bitcoin ventures so above is an example where you engage with the members about your bitcoin sites. Coinpole had already pay on the microwallet about 12k but since there was an attack on faucethub 10k was lost or it had been included in the payment to blockchain together with my other faucet account link to fhub using the bitcoin address  1P1hDfxNvutwdRJEvuDh6qBYvcijeM77jZ  

Coin Pole  payment 
Faucehub pays blockchain using the bitcoin address
1st 3472 3668 196 0.06879 0.06962 0.00241 241 87023 8400 3000
Other sites ad sites, trading and investments are sources of bitcoins. One big contribution of bitcoin was from adbtc an adsites that pays big on members who visits and surf on their ads the latest was i had been paid after 15 days on blockchain when i reached about 15k cap

The broker site had to be re-activated and the mellow ads is for promoting bitcoin venture campaigns 

FAUCETS           free             latest     difference 89259 91997 2738 12853 13026 173   12410 12478 68   16.495 16.959 0.464 339k 346k 7000 85.14 87.1 1.96 9.5 9.75 0.25  5618 5667 49 4128 4177 99          3147 3188 41    2810 2835 25 4278 4312 34
http;// 5825 5833 8 5461 5501 40 357 15 4171 4243 72    12742 12789 47  8280 8355 75 3090 3113 23  19280 19288 8

The listing above are faucets that pays in bitcoin, usually its completing the captcha and then claiming bitcoins of other altcoins, its also an adsites . In my experienced i am considering on taking out those that pays a small amount of bitcoin, which are time consuming but with little value.  Meanwhile some bitcoin sites will reach the withdrawal cap so earnings will soon be coming. 

PROBLEMATIC BITCOIN SITES  (not loading maybe scam) 
The list of problematic sites had also been posted to warn readers and bitcoin enthusiast on these sites. For me they have been a problem. The elenafaucets had been changing results , my old accounts bits is an on and off thing. There are days that old bits comes out then following day a new result comes in.  The three mining sites i had discovered to be scam its on search and my own involvement with the site. 

Hope you register with good bitcoin sites and dont forget to daily visit for updates here's the 


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Increased hashes more power to mine

I started to post in my last article how to increased hashes by using the faucet to get the power which you can do daily.  But this is limited so i continue to increased more hashes by using the bits of other coins within the list of

Watch the video ; 

Generate Cryptos 1 

1.  Shows dogecoin increasing daily whenever login with 

2.  Utilizing the faucet to get power to the hashes 

3.  Visiting the list of coins and programs .  Set up any coins , we start with bitcoin and set up the coin  to used it to exchange it to power up the hashes

4.  After utilizing the bitcoin , we can see the history and the results of  using the bits from bitcoin 

5.  Again ,  the procedure is the same throughout the other coins 

-   ethereum  , litecoin ,  steem ,  ripple ,  dash ,  curecoin, xem ,  monero ,  zcash, bytecoin,   gridcoin,   GHS 4.0

6.  I had bypass dogecoin , bitcash , cloud folding and Seti which are the coins and program that are mine .  Bitcoincash is a special new coin which is a challenger for the bitcoin , these stands for the original mission of bitcoin so whatever happens to the original these new fork will take place so the earlier we observe the development of these coin.  For the SETI and Cloud folding , these are not coins  but program and it produces bits for curecoin and gridcoin. 

7.  Looking at the diversify on the list of coins and programs , the check ones are only bitcoin cash, SETI, Cloud folding and GHS 4.0 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Starting with Eobot crypto generation 1

In my last article i had shown the site. We have tour the inside of the mining site,  the menus , the cryptos that they are mining as well as the social programs which make it different with other mining sites.  Now we are going to start with generating cryptos.   

I called the video or post generate crypto 1 since any other coins than bitcoins or all of the coins are cryptos except for some programs on like SETI and cloud folding which are programs but earns bits others are all coins.  I start with eobot the generate crypto 1 since i prefer mining in generating bitcoins. 

The video is about cryptos on, it relays what you earn on eobot for "Free" but you can also purchase hashes. On the video you earn "doge coins" daily upon your login. 

You also earn from "Free Faucet"  and great you earn from the faucet and target any coins and on the video its the hashes that we are increasing everyday.  You can also increase your hash rate by purchasing the hashes. 

Also on the video i was not able to make "0" earnings for all the coins , so the earnings on any coins were stop to increase the hashes except for bitcoin cash, SETI, Cloud Folding and the curecoins which are produced from cloud folding.  

I hope you will learn from the video , especially those who are new to bitcoins and cryptos. 

Dont forget to register with any of my bitcoin sites to earn bitcoins and cryptos  here's the link 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Disruption distracted my posting about EOBOT

Its not known to me that there will be disruptions or changes with bitcoin and the blockchain . It was only recenty this end of July 2017 that i had known about the issue. But nevertheless it had awaken me on the real status on the  bitcoin system.   Before nobody is paying attention about bitcoin then thru the efforts of  pioneers in the development and promotion of  bitcoin it became popular and now interest are setting in because of the big wealth potential. The attack on bitcoin was not only outside of the invention now it is inside. 

I am to believe that continuos attack on bitcoin will still prevail until problems encountered within and without had not been resolve.  But we cannot spent much time on the issue , we had a mission to generate the biggest amount of bitcoins or cryptos that we can get and spent it as a new currency of the millenieum. 

In one of my article i had posted about my preferences in terms of generating bitcoins and other cryptos . I said i prefer more  "mining" rather than dealing with ad sites that pays on bitcoin because of several reason , so with this i am now posting  a video about EOBOT which i had been a disrupted post . 

I would like to see the inside of  EOBOT and its features so if you might be interested join in and earn your bitcoins and cryptos.  I would like to post videos one by one then later i will share with you some tips in generating more. Right now be familiar with the Eobot site ,  it is not hard to now the inside and how the site operates , the best thing to do is register NOW  and start earning. 

For further clarification on the video that your watching i want to add the following ; 

*  Eobot is a mining site that mines thru hardwares , they have their own hardware mining machines. You can also mine on your own computers by downloading softwares or also by hardwares on your   own home.  Right now since i do not do the mining at home , i am now "cloud mining" , cloud mining can be free or buy some hashes . 

* Now Eobot are mining  ,  21 cryptos including bitcoin . They are also dealing with SETI a program that also produces points when you participate on the program. The program is a scientific experiment that works with interconnected computers in Search for Extra Terrestial Intelligence by simple running a piece of the software and linking it to Eobot cloud.  The other program is also an interconnected computer that is called Cloud Folding where Standford University are studying Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Hungtingtons and different types of cancers.  I have not seen this social program interconnection with any mining site. 

*In the video you are seeing btc results on every crypto coins some are 0 , just dont mine them yet. I am more interested for you to see what are inside . Later i will explain those bits on different crypto coins.  

* I had open all the menu buttons for you readers to see the actual inside but it probably fast so in order for you to know more of the details , in a not so fast video register now  here  .  I was not able to show to you the "chat space". You can contact anybody who are members of eobot if you want to make friends, or you want to know others experiences . There are a lot of lessons from the members , this is what i had learned with some members. 

*  Next i will give some pointers on how to get free bitcoins or other cyrpto coins of course free, everybody wants it Free.  See yah on the next article , dont forget to visit updates on 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fifth day after the split on bitcoin

It is now August 5, 2017 , the fifth day after the split.  It is the separation but it is  one in purpose it is about the bitcoin and the blockchain.  In my last article i posted an article regarding the " digital split" . Now the split had happened and what i had posted was about the position of but not the hard fork.  The hard fork is the one  that  proposes the split from the former where the "blocks" limit for the blockchain was only 1 MB  and the hard fork proposed 2 MB and i was surprised that the bitcoin "Jesus" that i know before was on the side of the hard fork.  The issue of scaling which i was not aware of was a very long time issue and it was just now the split was needed because the block  which was 1 MB had resulted to some hardships.  The oppositor and Roger Ver the bitcoin Jesus clarifies his stand on the issue ; 

I think Roger Ver has a big point about the origins of bitcoin and its mission which he is on the side more on the changes for the better of consuming public. 

The number one thing that i consider regarding his position that bitcoin and the blockchain should not be "censored" which he thinks is now the position of those who dont want to change the block size.  He also describes that he believes that since the 1MB block could not accomodate the many people who will be using bitcoin. The slowness, high fees rate and the difficulty in mining which he think are result of not expanding the size of the block. I think this points and reasonable for the changes that should happen.  

The hard fork position is now called "bitcoin cash" which will be on the 2MB block of the new blockchain. It would be lower in fees, lots of room for new bitcoin users,  mining difficulty would be lessen and who would not used this "bitcoin cash" where a lot of benefits is opposite of the original.  So we will see what happens to the market.  

Lately the bitcoin original as i called it  is  priced at $3,255.00 / bitcoin and bitcoin cash (2)  is only about $400/ bitcoin though its lowered  its still on the early stage. 

I also can feel the presence of bitcoin cash on my venture for bitcoin like on eobot, they will put bitcoin cash as part of their mining cryptos.  On faucethub, i had some bitcoin cash that i can withdraw but i still have to learn about this and create my wallet. Also on Xapo and Coinbase they are open to bitcoincash. The bitcoin cash will struggle but it will be like the other cryptos but its not crypto its bitcoin (2) with a more bigger blocks. 

While you are still working on your bitcoincash visit my page and easily earn your bitcoins now...GO..

Want to know more about bitcoin cash visit this site