Thursday, April 30, 2015

landofbitcoin now pays

Its only now April 30, 2015 that i noticed that  is now active online. So i surf on the  bitcoin ad sites that i had been visiting for almost a long time.  

Remember that i posted an article that i had not been paid by for three months but now they had  done what they had promised.  My article before for  this site was about the non  payment  or transfer to my wallet,  see it  below ; 

The Image above was the total that had not been paid or transferred on my blockchain wallet 

The latest withdrawals image above show the payment in bitcoin that had been transferred to the blockchain wallet.  The date transferred was March 31, 2015

Thanks that i got that big amount of bitcoins transferred to my blockchain wallet. That is  0.00038037  satoshis.  This was a hard earned bitcoin.  

I will post a new grouping  for the  bitcoin ad sites ,  for readers to surf on and get their free bitcoins. There are already  bitcoin adsites  that i already classified and still had been found with the landofbitcoin

Monday, April 27, 2015

My First Pay April 26/15 from this site

On my last article  i describe that cashing out the B 0.20 bitcoin could not be done even if i had been a member for almost two years.  I had tried this and i bitlanders says that i had not reached the B 2.0  bitcoin total.  What i can do was to  used the bitcoin to shop on the bitlanders  store.

I also tried this but  there was still a balance that had to be paid in order to get just the $10 from Paypal .  So relay my complain to Bitlanders.  Why do we have to pay where the additional amount would be the same as what you want to cashout from Paypal. I also complained the length of time to received such payment
They  send an email explaining that  they need  to check my identity if i was the real person  behind  the account.   And this checking of identity was related to the cashing out , even the payment  thru paypal.

So I send them my identification national ID  and health card . Then i  continue to shop by choosing   $10 from Paypal  which is  about   B0.05595222 .  Now since my identification had been processed   bitlanders says  no additional fund  and i have to wait  for my $10 . 

I had  to cashout  ( i did it last April 24)  since it had been too long a time that efforts should be compensated even with a small amount be it  in dollars and bitcoin.  I hope bitlanders should follow other ad sites in the sense that  they can pay  in one weeks  time  about  6000 satoshis  weekly. 

So  this is my first payment from this site ;  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Generation Bitcoin C yr15

This is the  third  grouping for the  sources of bitcoin which are free and so easy just by registering your bitcoin wallet and putting the captcha then they pay you with bitcoin, i call this "Generation Bitcoin C yr 15" . Just click on the images or  with the links then you can proceed. 

Join me here and with other bitcoin ad sites to get you free bitcoins and you will be paid on your bitcoin wallet in one weeks time. Enjoy the earnings .. adopt and use your new money .

Friday, April 24, 2015

It is again more confusing about some totals

When i  post an article about trying to cashout or shop online here at bitlanders , i  am confused that i had not reached the  total number of bitcoins which  is about  0.20 ..  which i still dont understand what is my total balance in terms of bitcoin ..because here is my image before  which is very different with what i am posting now ;

The image above was are the total bitcoins as of yesterday 

The image above is the latest totals April 24, 2015 

Now I really dont know what happen to my all time total why it was reduced.  The only thing i did  was that i request for the payment of my bitcoins which i know is  0.20 and submitted my Identification documents.  Now they are saying that i still have not reached my  bitcoin total which is 0.20 . So i can wait to reach it or spend it online on  what ever amount  they want me to believe that i have on my account. 

I still dont understand why you have to wait for 75 days when you reached your 0.20 , which you would not  know when ?  unless they tell you . In my experienced with other site  the transfer of bitcoin from a site to your walltet  would probably be about  one week which you could see but not here. The total of bitcoins  which probably is normal to transfer is only 5,500 satoshis.  Why wait for so long a time and why small faucet sites can transfer your bitcoin in only a week minus their fees.  This is not very encouraging. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tried to cashout bitcoins or dollar to Paypal

I had been a member of  when it was still film annex. So i would say i  registered a few months with film annex before it became  I like the idea of filmannex as well as bitlanders. I like this site because then i was starting to participate in bitcoin generation and i consider this site  one of my sources for bitcoin.  Bitlanders had all the ways for more generation of bitcoins since i started i could consider about nearly  two (2) years  since i join. But way back then when i started i am still confused on how they are computing and if they really are paying. 
 If i will compare my clicking of ads just with one site alone which is , i am earning $5 in a week  but with film annex or bitlanders in my two years as a member, i dont think i will get the same earnings  but maybe with bitcoin but i dont think so , since i tried to purchase or exchange my bitcoin for dollar thru paypal , i still am to add more bitcoins to my account just to get $10 , 

Here are the pictures to show that i tried to cashout ; 

So here is the total of  bitcoins for almost two years to date which is the over total but that is not what you will be getting because , as you can see the you have the total which is B..2163165 but the request if you total the shop credit and the balance its not B0.2609209 ,  it is supposed to be reaching what everybody wants to achieve the total  of  B 0.20 bitcoins to cash out  .
If you reguest to buy a payment thru paypal which is about B0.13395458  then  it will say ;this ;. 
It means you cannot cash out $0.20 which was the target everybody wants to achieve , like me for almost  two years.  So when you still want to cashout in bitcoin or in dollar thru paypal , you still had to add  more ;  

This amount of bitcoin is what you still had to add to get a  $10 thru paypal and this bitcoin is equal with the present exchange of  $235.29  x 0.05  =  $11 wow ...
WHAT you have to pay more just to exchange the bitcoin to dollars ? I dont know why ? 

Reviewing the notes regarding the revenues ; 

If you will examine the notes , you will not know when you can reach the  0.20 bitcoins this site want you to achieve because ,  every month there is a review of what total you had achieve and its written that the amount of previous month is not available , so it is clear we dont know that its only who will know it. 
Then all revenues are estimates , it depends if bitlanders ad publisher had paid or not,  so there is no way to find out if  they had paid , its bitlanders knowing. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Generation Bitcoin B yr15

I have group several bitcoin ad sites since i started with bitcoin . Now i would like to add a new grouping where i  and also readers could use to  earn more bitcoins by clicking on ads and or getting referrals.   I will call the new grouping now as  "generation bitcoin B yr15"  Its a list of the advertising bitcoin sites that any one interested with bitcoin can register and do the clicking on ads and be paid with bitcoin. 

Here is the Generation Bitcoin Byr15 list ; 

> Get Paid Books   A site for anybody to spent time on.  If your a bookworm and interested to read any kind of books you want then this is the place to give your time.  Before you only read to gain more knowledge, to be entertain but now you are also earning while reading because you are being paid to read you favorite books.  You are paid in bitcoin, so what is more better than that. 

>Alien Faucet    This is a faucet site which is a part of the Bitcoin Alien family and the highest paying faucet ever.  It had  produced so many aliens and had millions of bitcoins that had been given away for free. Grab your share of the Free bitcoins through visiting the site for a few minutes and also catch the bonuses every week. 

>E rotator  this is a rotator which means that you can get more bitcoins in one link. It is also a sub grouping of faucets where micro payments could be established before being paid or transferred to the blockchain wallet.  What is also good with this site is that you can include the faucet or site that you want to include with the list.  Here are the faucets ; 

> Plinko faucet    a faucet site that you could play every 25 minutes  payments are sent to  its another micro payment site . 

> Score my is a bitcoin faucet for everyone, but if your are a soccer fan you will take more advantage of it! A bitcoin faucet is a web page that gives small amounts of money (in this case bitcoins or satoshis) for simply entering your email or bitcoin wallet address and solving a captcha (we need to know that you are human). like most others is funded by advertisements (so please turn off your ad-blocking software!). So stop waiting, and start scoring your bits!!

>  Grow up the Bitcoin tree and have a harvest!  First step is registration. You have to enter the data of your Bitcoin wallet, email address and create a password.  When you grow a tree it will give Bitcoin to you! Collect a good harvest!

> Ice bitcoin   Icebitcoin is a Bitcoin faucet. A Bitcoin faucet is a website which you can claim free Bitcoin from that for doing nothing. You just have to enter your Bitcoin address and slove a captcha to claim your free Bitcoin.

> Bitcoin Zebra   Bitcoin Zebra is a completely FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 1000 satoshi every hour. Each time you visit this page andfeed the zebra you will receive a faucet payout amount randomly selected from the available amounts shown in green above.

To earn many bitcoins register with all the above sites or faucets. See how your earnings will grow. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bitcoin sites not paying members

 During the time that i was engaged on paid to click ads and being paid in dollars there were so many Ad sites that are not paying.  Some pays you  on the first few months then they began  to have problems, when you are asking them, they give you  all the excuses that they can invent.  Now if they have the money , they pay some members  then others no.  
Now with bitcoin , there are also sites that are not paying. At first their is "insufficient funds and if you see this eventually they dont have the fund to pay what you had click.  Then the next time the promised that they will pay you at a certain time , then they fail again.  And so the last they closed shop.  

Given the situation about "bitcoin sites not paying members"  , i will post a page specifically for these  site to  informed others as well and  to determine who these scammers are ;  =  i had been a member for almost a year with this site
                                   and it was paying with bitcoin and its being transferred
                                   to  ,unto my wallet. But now it had been
                                   four(4)  months now and they are not paying nor
                                   transferring bitcoin to my blockchain wallet. 

I will be updating  this page for others to see or if you had experienced  the same fate with sites that are not paying then  give your comments below and i will post the name of the site and please  explain  why you classify these site to be not paying the members. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Watch Paidbooks on Video

It  is more dynamic and action pack when your watching a video . Why not watch paidbooks on video. 

The video is about my account on . It portrays that with there are categories to choose from short stories, bitcoin, personal development, science fiction, classic literature, horror, adventure, crime , mystery and romance. From this categories you have to choose  your book to read. 

In the video i choose personality development ( this is not a whole reading session)  the book " think and grow rich" has 376 pages so the video cannot be that long, meaning 376 minutes because the page to read is about 60 seconds= a minute per page.  So if we will allow a video for 376 minutes it will take us more than 6 hours. 

The video just shows what are the categories of the books, what book to choose, how to start reading (clicking on the timer) , when payment starts and end for a certain book. After reading a book you could still continue on any book to choose again and also start earning.  

Hope this helps to understand more about this and earning with satoshis ..

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Get bitcoins just by reading

The Only Site that pays bitcoin for you to READ 

You can also SHARE the books that your reading 

If your a bookworm it would be a big saving that you can read the great books you want on your own computer and don't have to buy everytime you want to read a book .( just wait you can also read it at your cellphones and tablet)  You have a choice bitcoin,  books or both. 

What you need to do in order to avail of FREE READING books and at the same time EARNING with bitcoins

Just sign up here! When you're logged into the site, just read as normal and you'll get paid.

We pay 20 satoshi (* we are in beta testing and hopefully we can improve this rate) per minute while you're reading on our website. To verify each claim you'll need to click the "claim" button to confirm your claim. Between claims you're free to browse through the website or even just continue reading your book, and claim every time you're able.

We pay out every Friday to your bitcoin wallet. We pay out ALL balances over 5500 satoshi. You will see a notice on the top of the screen when you are over 5500 satoshi asking you to confirm your withdrawal by email. Please use a real email address - you NEED to confirm this as it helps us fight fraud.

Uploading a book  is coming soon - if you are a publisher or an author and would like to know more then please contact us at bitcoin [at]  START YOUR READING and EARNING . 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Other sources for bitcoin LOB is not paying

Promised of (LOB)  still had not been done so other  sources for bitcoin had to be search and work on LOB is not paying. 

As i am writing this its  April 4/2015 ,  It is not practical to wait for LOB  for their payment they are not replying on any emails , this is not a good sign. They could not answer maybe they dont have the funds of bitcoin to transfer it to the bitcoin wallet of every member. This is my experienced with paid to click sites. They are almost the same , they only promised then they fail ,or if they had funds settle some but not all until they can no longer have clients that are advertising on their site.

I already started with other sources of bitcoin because LOB is not paying , i started it with "".  is just one source of site from the bitcoin alien family. The bitcoin alien family is composed of more or 10 more sites giving free bitcoins.  Here are the list and later  i will discuss them one by one ; 

1.  Tree Bitcoin is a new faucet with a unique feature – you grow your Bitcoin Tree and earn more and more free bitcoin every time it grows!

2.  Moon Bitcoin – 5 Minutes – 1000 satoshi per hour  . My favorite, and THE HIGHEST PAYING faucet – simply because you can click to open a drip and leave the browser tab open and come back later to collect 100s and 100s of free satoshi.

3.. Bitcoin Zebra – 1 Hour – 350 satoshi per hourA really quick and easy faucet that pays 100-400 (on average with a 1000 jackpot) every hour – a must visit.
4. 777 Bitcoin – 1 Hour – 500+ satoshi per hour . A new faucet with a great structure, it is a flexible faucet, so the amount rises or falls with the bitcoin price, but at time of writing it is THE highest paying at 530 satoshi per payout, per hour!
5.  BitCoinKer – 15 Minutes – 400 satoshi per hour .  Another one of my favorite faucets – with a 33% chance of winning 100, 200, or 300 satoshi, and a payout every 15 minutes it is one of the highest paying by far.
6. Battle Bitcoin – Two Faucets & Games to Play  A really simple faucet, just one short page and easy to claim – and the best part is that they pay 750 satoshi on every claim. You can claim once every 4 hours.
7. Fairy Faucet – PROGRESSIVE FAUCET- 1 Hour – 200+ satoshi per hour . This faucet has a unique feature – it is progressive – check the bar at the top to see which stage they are in, at the fastest stage they pay out 200 satoshi every 5 MINUTES.
8. Pink Tussy – 30 Minutes! – 600+ per hour.  Another new faucet, fast submission and paying out approx 300 satoshi every THIRTY MINUTES.
9. BitcoinX Faucet  If 10 isn’t enough, then get our FREE mini report “How to get 2.7 million satoshi for free”. It is updated monthly and it also contains a 5 minute step by step guide to show you how to claim 2.7 MILLION satoshi!
10. – 1 Hour – 300+ satoshi per hour   Possibly my favorites, and pays a MINIMUM of 300+ every HOUR – they also have a dice game where you can bet your winnings for more… very addictive :)
11.   Great Claims, Lotteries and Games,  Claim 300, 500 or 700 satoshi – AND play the lottery for 100,000 satoshi AND play Guess the Number for extra satoshi!
12. Playbitcoin vote for the cutest animal and get 200 satoshi every 10 minutes . If your animal win, you'll receive extra 100 satoshis at the end of the round

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bitcoins Every 4 minutes

In line with the  aim to increase the number of bitcoins that we will acquire daily , monthly and yearly  I will post here sites that will surely  help in reaching our goals.

Why does Alien Faucet called the highest paying faucet? 

You can claim every 5 minutes, after your claim you will see a timer counting until your next claim.

We pay out every Friday to your bitcoin wallet. We pay out ALL balances over 5500 satoshi. It is automatic, there's nothing you need to do.

You  surely have no time to  wait for every four minutes to get your bitcoins?  So let help each  other ,  join now and also help promote this site Alienfaucet

Who are the alien faucet? ?

We are a part of the Bitcoin Aliens family of websites (the largest source of bitcoin traffic online).

How does Alien Faucet helps more in getting more bitcoins?

You can now download  the app to make it  easy  now to  fight the aliens,  kill it and get the bitcoin  on our android  phone , tablets and the compute 


Earn 25% referral commission on the traffic / friends you refer.

What are the latest with alien faucets ?

Two never seen before aliens are now for hunt with highest  bitcoin give out ?  And special bonus are on for the grabs.

Currently other soldiers are killing aliens every 5 minutes (claim every 5 minutes) for 254 satoshi per kill, which is anAVERAGE of 3048 satoshi per hour!

Bitcoin from ads not paying suddenly answers

I posted a day ago about no bitcoin transactions for three months. One of my source of bitcoin is .  In my article i was wondering why was not paying its member for the last three months.  

My latest March 30/ 2015  total that they have to pay thru my bitcoin wallet w as about 30,000 satoshis but when i visited  the site March 31 / 2015  the total was gone and it returned to zero. All i was thinking was that  it will be paying since note on their payment says , payment resume in 2 days or sooner.  Having this on mind i  continuosly click on the ads and now i have a new total ; 

So we will know  if they will pay the March 30 / 2015 last total or the new total from March 31/2015.

On my last article  i also emphasize  that it is dangerous to click  on the ads of landofbitcoin because there is  popping ads which is a spyware.  You cannot delete it , unless  you take out the power to your computer.  But maybe they have read my article ,  because  it had GONE.  

I tried to surf until i click all the advertising faucets ,  and  spyware is not showing.  I hope this again for  the nth time  continously for good but such situation of not paying even if you reach the capped amount,  the spyware,  other faucets not paying and other member faucets resorting to paying with their owned are not good signs  for the . 

Bitcoin from ads which is was not paying suddenly answers in action is Good but they have to maintain this or elsse  they will lose their members.