Tuesday, December 16, 2014

bitcoin drips from LOB faucets

Just like any advertising sites that has programs on paying members with a few cents for every ads being visited like neobux or clixsense . Land of bitcoin is also an advertising site but publishers are faucet sites , why faucet sites  because  bitcoins are like water drips coming out of faucet sites.  The faucet sites pays the land of bitcoins with bits or bitcoins.  Members of the landofbitcoin like me are clicking on faucet ads and being paid in micro- bitcoins . The bitcoins being paid by landofbitcoin are stored in a micro-wallet owned by the landofbitcoin and when a member reached an amount of about  8560 number of bitcoins then this are being sent to a members wallet which is blockchain wallet. but with small fees being deducted.
clicking on ads from the faucet sites is one source of bit coins from the landofbitcoin but there are more features that you can you can earn  with landofbitcoin .  These are  autosurf , you set this auto surf on landofbitcoin  anod it adds bitcoins on youir total number of bitcoins ( its automatic you dont  have to click on ads, its LOB that is doing it). You can also earn a  percentage of earnings from every referral that becomes active with LOB..
So you know now "how faucets from landofbitcoin drips free bitcoins. The number of faucet sites are more than 100 so daily you can visit "landofbitcoin" and click on the faucet ads. Just this action of clicking on ads you can add up a big number s of bitcoins for you to use for purchasing products and services that are available for bitcoin currency.( lateri will post what are the sites that accepts bitcoins there are now about 100 thousand)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How did you encounter bitcoin ?

 I am a clicker on ads where they pay you a few cents for 1 click ad. Its been many years since i was doing  paid to click, if you dont know paid to click here are some of what i was talking about ; 

These three are some of the paid to click sites that i am working and they are paying since 2000. There are a lot of these paid to click sites, some who are pioneers are paying , others had stopped paying or had scammed a lot of clickers but good PTC sites  still exist.  PTC's in my experienced are good source for "free money" but i tried this stuff to have additional income not a dependable income.  Aside from PTC site i was also involve with one site called "coingeneration.com which started from an idea of a "bilderberg conference" where they learned of building a super computer back in middle of 2013.  I registered with this site and its paying where you only download  a software and its making money until it suffered from fund problems and until now it had not recovered.   

So probably you will be asking where is the bitcoin here?  upon involving myself with "coingeneration" there was already this BITCOIN but i still dont know it. I happened to encounter this BITCOIN, when "coingeneration" started to have fund problems. I looked at other source of income at this time and i found out "coingenerations" competitor where they are already engage with BITCOIN.  Only then i knew that"coingeneration.com was also involved with BITCOIN - these is one of their source of income,  where bitcoin was being converted to dollars that had reached about $10000.  Having problems with "coingeneration.com' pushed me to further study and engage myself with BITCOIN. So when did you encounter BITCOIN?

In my first encounter with BITCOIN , i register with EOBOT.COM">www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=6121">EOBOT.COM a mining site for bitcoin , 

same as with "coingeneration.com" you download a software and it generates bitcoin. My involvement started with this but later i purchased cloud mining contract , where you are being paid in Bitcoin at a value you had cap. I started with $20 and i already had recovered it and it is still mining and paying on my bitcoin wallet. 

But as of now maybe you will confused if you visit eobot.com , it is now engage with other crypto- currencies which is not only bitcoins ( later i will tackle this as an article) . But what is important on this post , is your opinion on When did you encounter BITCOIN?