Friday, July 21, 2017

I prefer bitcoin mining than getting it from faucets

Mining is basically the first source of having bitcoins but not mining as we know it using heavy equipments to till or bore the ground and look for gold or other minerals.  The equipment, the labor and the rarity of the minerals being mined are the basis for the value of the minerals. 

The mining that is transpiring with "bitcoin" is mathematical calculation by a hardware or by our computer. From the beginning it was easy to mined bitcoins but as it grows and developed over the years it becomes harder.  So there are needs now to create bigger machines to mined bitcoins  . 

it is becoming harder so bigger computer are needed but we can also be involved in mining buy purchasing of hashes through the site that are selling this hashes , we just have to be careful because a lot are "spammers" .  For me as i was involved  in raising the number of bitcoins , experienced made me realized that  it is  worthy for the time , effort and resources to mined .  Because in mining you just have to set up your site . If your purchasing hashes you just have to register choose bitcoin or other cryptos and just wait for your bitcoins to grow.  If you will get bitcoins thru other sites which are faucets or micro wallets , you still have to do the surfing , completing of captcha.  This work needs a lot of time and effort. 

With minimal number of mining sites that are reliable you will get more of your money , efforts and time. 

But let us be oriented on  "What is bitcoin Mining "

In the past article i had already posted article on my first mining site its eobot you can download a software and mined bitcoins or other cryptos by your computer , by now you still can do that though it will cost you more rather than cloud mining which is less expensive.

I also posted before an article about "mining for bitcoin link
here its describe all about mining. 

To earn bitcoins and other cryptos  here are some links, others to follow ;


Join me in mining bitcoins register with the mining sites  NOW  !!!!

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