Sunday, November 10, 2013

You need a wallet for your bitcoin

Bitcoins are used as a digital currency as just like dollars so you need to keep it. Unlike the dollars bitcoins are a crypto-currency  which can only be stored on your computer or on a site that serves as a holder of bitcoins just like a bank.  For the service of keeping my bitcoins i used 

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. These tasks are managed collectively by the network.
This site allows you to navigate the bitcoin blockchain (a database which holds information about all transactions). We also operate bitcoin's largest and most secure wallet service.

In my last posted article i discuss how to get bitcoins . The site which are your source of bitcoins had to send you  your bitcoins  so you really need a bitcoin wallet.  Now with  as your  bitcoin wallet or your bank you will be provided with a  bitcoin address where your income bitcoins could be send and keep.  

My bitcoin address at (my wallet or my bank)

There are other resources to use for your bitcoin wallet.  You can store on your own computer, thru your android cellphones and thru the web ( mine is on the web its  For more informations visit ;

Its just easy to have your own bitcoin wallet register here below 

Register here for you wallet or you own bank

You want to look inside my wallet , here is a what is inside sample 

If you want to know different features of visit this ;


watch for more 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

getting more bitcoins

Of course we want to earn with bitcoins but we have to  "get more coins" . If we have more coins we can change it to $ollars or use the bitcoin to buy products., transact business or build new businesses.  The basic way to "get more bitcoins is mining " but  mining bitcoins  would really take a long time. An example is my  mining software  that it takes about a month  to reach $0.10 =  .00000003 bit coin so it would take you a lifetime to reach a considerable number of bitcoins. 

Having bitcoins is really attractive   1 bitcoin = $215 as of today.  Devoting more time with bitcoin is more productive than clicking on ads which is one of the online opportunities i am engaged for so many years. Earning with bitcoin  is more leveraging in terms of effort, referrals, capital and profits.

Here are some links in generating or getting more bitcoins ;

-A bitcoin miner with computer software and a USB tool, an  exchanger for coins to dollars and vice versa. 

- A bitcoin generating programs where you register with their new sub programs. click on ads , win points and the winner gets bitcoins.  Available programs at the moment are ; 




    - A traffic exchange site that pays with bitcoins. 

   - The first site that i registered as a program that uses your computer power and pays you. You download a thread software and let it run 24/7 and whatever it runs it registers the amount of money you can cashout. I had been a member for almost a year and had already cashout. There were some problems but they had overcome it. Now the lates what ever your number of threads that would be the amount of dollars you can cashout daily and instantly. I am not aware that its a bitcoin miner but consider it as a one and a competitor. Additional boost for your earnings are getting downlines. For more information and developments with coingeneration and proof of earnings visit my blogsite/

The biggest problem facing online startups today is finding new users. Bitvisitor solves this problem by allowing companies to compensate users directly for trying out their website. 

Companies can use Bitvisitor to drive influential early adopters to their website. The added bonus for Bitcoin enabled websites is that every user of Bitvisitor is an active Bitcoin user with a valid wallet filled with Bitcoins to spend! 

Bitvisitor represents a fundamental shift in the online advertising model that could only be made possible by the success of Bitcoin micropayments. 

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