Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pissed On bad bitcoin sites

Its really a bad day when you encounter sites that are not  site friendly.  Though i had a lot of experienced with bad sites. There are lots of them on the internet i know there will be and since i am being active again with "bitcoin" , i am sure there are sites and  people who like to earn big time in such a short time , they will used any means to swindle , rob and trick members. 

So i will post an article about this bad sites,  so others can also share their experienced and also learn and  be very careful.  -  i am old member of this bitcoin sites . Yesterday July 7, 2017 probably is the last day i was able to login and got my bitcoin to date  My total satoshis for now is 2,965 , though there are still a lot to add up and withdraw . Now July 8, 2017 , i can no longer login , it says that the captcha is not correct.  I had probably login 10 times i cannot .

This is the login site of referbitcoin  

Since there was no way to contact , no admin of this site i posted a message of complaint on Facebook ,  there was also no admin . I just have to wait for there explanation .

I am now of the thinking that this probably is tricking old members and get away with satoshis if i have  2000 +  and also others have their number of satoshis,   thats like robbing some people of new currency  and have their day but i hope  i can still get my satoshis and if not then , LET THIS BE A RECORD ON THE NET . 

I am saying that they probably are tricking some members  because they are not informing of any changes with the site , when members are still active like me. Look at the new menu '

Thge image of menus and buttons on the left side are new , why the changes and not informing of the members ? 


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