Sunday, March 2, 2014

Now I came to know the reasons and goals of Bitcoin

I came to know bitcoin online sometime in 2010. I am engage in generating income from the web through paid to click, surveys, blogging, marketing and advertising. I don't care about bitcoin but i had encountered  the system.  When i became a member of digital in 2013 that was the time that i came to know "bitcoin" because is earning a lot with bitcoins. Other competitors of coingeneration had also came out with their own site like "EOBOT" the first bitcoin and crypto mining that i had known.  That year is the start of "bitcoins" being so popular and i had know the first crisis related to bitcoin was when "silk road" was shutdown who  was suspected of trading drugs and using bitcoins as the means of payments. Until now the second big "scandal"  is about Mt. Gox whom again was related to bitcoin, where a lot of investors on bitcoin had lost their money.

When i started with bitcoin also in 2013, i was only interested with the earning aspect of the system. I create a blog about bitcoin and post articles about the sites that gives free bitcoin. My idea was to gather many bitcoins that i could through this sites and later exchange it to a fiat currency.  I know also that bitcoin had to be "MINED"  but i prepare to just click on sites that gives free "bitcoins".  And i am also starting with other crypto currencies which i believe are are the same with "bitcoin". Because of  the scandal on Mt. Gox i am studying  more about bitcoins its origin, how it was develop,  what is really the bitcoin, where it is going  and who are behind this?  So through video's on you tube it had given me a wider and deeper orientation about bitcoins, the very popular ANDREAS ANTONOPOLOUS  the Bitcoin Evangelist and security expert of  is the MAN to be consulted , here is a video on one of his DISCUSSION ABOUT BITCOIN;

With this video now i know the reasons and goals of bitcoin system

Mt Gox event is a lesson for bitcoin

Mt. Gox shutdown for having problems on cash withdrawals , eventually being sued and now its filing for bankcruptcy . The bitcoin system is not affected with this happening but rather Mt. Gox event is a lesson for bitcoin.  Let's take a look at this video ;

The report site from You Tube explains what happened after Mt. Gox was shutdown and stopped its transactions with its members . It provides the evidence that bitcoin did not stopped but it went through the crisis of Mt. Gox and not bitcoin crisis. 

The author also explains the biases of media to portray that its the end of bitcoin.

The author also had some proof that he already suspects something is wrong with Mt. Gox transactions before and he was already thinking that there was a marketing error report.

There is also a proof that  bitcoin system is not to blame for the crisis of Mt. Gox but its the management and handling of Mt. Gox with bitcoins.

This short report just prove that "Bitcoin is not dying"  and will stay here as long as there is an internet.

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