Tuesday, December 16, 2014

bitcoin drips from LOB faucets

Just like any advertising sites that has programs on paying members with a few cents for every ads being visited like neobux or clixsense . Land of bitcoin is also an advertising site but publishers are faucet sites , why faucet sites  because  bitcoins are like water drips coming out of faucet sites.  The faucet sites pays the land of bitcoins with bits or bitcoins.  Members of the landofbitcoin like me are clicking on faucet ads and being paid in micro- bitcoins . The bitcoins being paid by landofbitcoin are stored in a micro-wallet owned by the landofbitcoin and when a member reached an amount of about  8560 number of bitcoins then this are being sent to a members wallet which is blockchain wallet. but with small fees being deducted.
clicking on ads from the faucet sites is one source of bit coins from the landofbitcoin but there are more features that you can you can earn  with landofbitcoin .  These are  autosurf , you set this auto surf on landofbitcoin  anod it adds bitcoins on youir total number of bitcoins ( its automatic you dont  have to click on ads, its LOB that is doing it). You can also earn a  percentage of earnings from every referral that becomes active with LOB..
So you know now "how faucets from landofbitcoin drips free bitcoins. The number of faucet sites are more than 100 so daily you can visit "landofbitcoin" and click on the faucet ads. Just this action of clicking on ads you can add up a big number s of bitcoins for you to use for purchasing products and services that are available for bitcoin currency.( lateri will post what are the sites that accepts bitcoins there are now about 100 thousand)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

How did you encounter bitcoin ?

 I am a clicker on ads where they pay you a few cents for 1 click ad. Its been many years since i was doing  paid to click, if you dont know paid to click here are some of what i was talking about ; 

These three are some of the paid to click sites that i am working and they are paying since 2000. There are a lot of these paid to click sites, some who are pioneers are paying , others had stopped paying or had scammed a lot of clickers but good PTC sites  still exist.  PTC's in my experienced are good source for "free money" but i tried this stuff to have additional income not a dependable income.  Aside from PTC site i was also involve with one site called "coingeneration.com which started from an idea of a "bilderberg conference" where they learned of building a super computer back in middle of 2013.  I registered with this site and its paying where you only download  a software and its making money until it suffered from fund problems and until now it had not recovered.   

So probably you will be asking where is the bitcoin here?  upon involving myself with "coingeneration" there was already this BITCOIN but i still dont know it. I happened to encounter this BITCOIN, when "coingeneration" started to have fund problems. I looked at other source of income at this time and i found out "coingenerations" competitor where they are already engage with BITCOIN.  Only then i knew that"coingeneration.com was also involved with BITCOIN - these is one of their source of income,  where bitcoin was being converted to dollars that had reached about $10000.  Having problems with "coingeneration.com' pushed me to further study and engage myself with BITCOIN. So when did you encounter BITCOIN?

In my first encounter with BITCOIN , i register with EOBOT.COM">www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=6121">EOBOT.COM a mining site for bitcoin , 

same as with "coingeneration.com" you download a software and it generates bitcoin. My involvement started with this but later i purchased cloud mining contract , where you are being paid in Bitcoin at a value you had cap. I started with $20 and i already had recovered it and it is still mining and paying on my bitcoin wallet. 

But as of now maybe you will confused if you visit eobot.com , it is now engage with other crypto- currencies which is not only bitcoins ( later i will tackle this as an article) . But what is important on this post , is your opinion on When did you encounter BITCOIN?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Original White Paper of Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcoin

Its been a while since i posted an article here on my blog and for a time i wanted to post i considered an original paper that will make great global changes with the financial transaction and here it is, Original White Paper of Satoshi Nakamoto on Bitcoin"

If you want to read the original white paper of Satoshi Nakamoto who is considered the founder of bitcoin  this is the link BITCOIN . No one knew who is or the name Satoshi Nakamoto is a group but the technology is of the highest value in terms of invention. The space to post the original script could not be done caused its nine pages long.  The title of the paper which was posted in November 2008 was "A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System" 

Here is the original abstract ;

" A purely peer to peer version of electronic cash would allow cash payments directly from one party to another without going to another financial institution. Digital signatures provide part of the solution, but the main benefits are lost if a third party is still reguired to prevent double spending . We proposed a solution to the problem of double spending problem  using a peer to peer network. The network timestamps transactions by hashing them on the ongoing chain of hash based of work, forming a record  that cannot be changed without re doing the proof of work.  The longest chain not only serve as proof of the sequence of  events witnessed but proof that it came from the largest pool of CPU power .  As long as majority of CPU POWER is controlled by the nodes  that are not cooperating  to attack the network , they;ll generate the longest chain and outpace attackers.. The network itself requires  minimal structure. Messages are broadcast of a best effort basis, and nodes are can leave and rejoin the network at will., accepting the longest proof of work chain as proof of what had happened when they are gone. "

As what is described in the abstract ,
1. It is peer to peer transaction meaning its directly person to person without the need for a third party because with a third party there is more added cost . It is an electronic cash payment with a digital signature and its online. 

2. The problem of double spending which is seen as a problem could be solved with a peer to peer network where transaction are time stamps by hashing them on an on-going hash proof of work forming a record that could not be changed without re-doing all the proof of work.
3. The transaction is done with any computer and links to the chain of proof of work . The longest chain is not only a witnessed of events but proof that it came from the largest pool of CPU power. The chain cannot be attacked as long as all of the connected nodes are cooperating otherwise it will repel any attackers.
4. It is a simple structure. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I got rid of remarkable ad a malware

 I am sure that everybody who are highly active in online activity had encountered  many experienced regarding  viruses, worms, malware , phising and other hindrance in a clean and smooth surfing on the wave. This article that i want to share is a very new one.  I got rid of remarkable ads , a malware that  i only discovered a few days ago.

The symptoms that  usually gives you an idea that there is something wrong with your computer are seeing  it to be slow or so slow when surfing, viewing your files, documents or videos. It takes a lot of time to load your browsers.  Since i am surfing a great number of ads,  in my experienced lately , whenever i am surfing on a lot of adsites , there  is a particular ad  that pops out. These ads appears on a particular ads , if you are on a video watch , the ads will appear about  upgrading your flash video or any ads related to the needs of your video.  The ads appearing are related and if your not conscious you will click on it and see it as a genuine software that is free to download.  If you download this ads which is really a 'Malware" this will surely be loaded on your computer and it will be hard to get rid of them. 

What i also experienced was that the malware was appearing on the left side, right side , bottom, top side or just popping anywhere.  Its a creative malware ,  it can even shrink the website that you are viewing ( look  at the image below .

The above image is a re-sized image of a faucet website which i am surfing. It was resized by the malware "Remarkable Ads,  the name is slightly visible on the top left side. 

Another thing that is unique with this malware was that it is being registered on the site you are surfing  different  names so it will be hard to determine if its "malicious adware" or malware.  When you install these free programs, they will also install Online Browser Advertising as well. Some of the programs that are known to bundle Online Browser Advertising program include “Youtube Downloader HD”, “Fast Free Converter”, “Video Media Player 1.1″ and “DVDX Player 3.2″.

Having this bad experienced which  is very annoying, disruptive and makes you feel the discomfort, I sent an email to the "landofbitcoin"  about the problem and they immediately sent me a link to a  blogsite , that discusses and illustrate how to "i can get rid of the malware". 

The general steps to follow in getting rid of the "Ad Malware" 

For the details about the adware / malware, how to recognize these and the detailed steps see go to this link 


STEP 6. I add this step,  download  "SANDBOXIE" this free or paid software confines your browsing on a space and if there are virus that slips on while your browsing it is confine to the space provided by "SANDBOXIE"  http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?DownloadSandboxie

If you find this useful  please feel free to share any amount of bitcoin here 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the World Cup Zebra bitcoins won

CONGRATS!!! to the winners in the World Cup  , Cheers for the German Team who was is now the holder of 2014 World Cup and the others who had fight for the goals to the end .  Everybody won , all the teams from different countries had the chance to show their  skills for the World Cup. 

The World Cup Holders since the year 1930 to present 2014

Since the World Cup 2014 was launched Bitcoin Zebra , simultenously  held  the Bitcoin World Cup Zebra event,  the contest was about racing to have the maximum number of referrals as well as number of Satoshis to be earned until the end of the World Cup which was last Sunday  July 13, 2014. We already have winners. The  top winners are the TOP 10 , but the winners are not only them but all those who spent their effort and time to click on Bitcoin Ads site putting their bitcoin wallet and captcha as well as promoting the contest and Bitcoin Zebra.  

CONGRAT'S in the World Cup bitcoins won 

 If you want to know my score it is the last colored one thanks to Bitcoin Zebra, hope to join another contest. Join Now Get Your Bitcoin


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Social Networking Site pays bitcoin to members

I stumbled upon an email  inviting me for a site about Film Making but when i registered and login on my account and on the site, i found out there are a lot of people clicking on its others account. I tried to follow what they are doing, subscribe to other members account. But since i was still new with the site , i inquire with my  upline about the  nature and features of the site.  So this is Film Annex! reply;

Welcome to Film Annex!
On our platform, you can:

 1) Watch award-winning short and feature length films by some of the best independent filmmakers around the world,

2) Upload your films, write blogs, and curate your Web TV channel, which you can then monetize,

3) Be financially rewarded for the quality of your content and your social media sharing skills thanks to the BuzzScore (http://www.filmannex.com/pages/buzz_score),

4) Finance your next project by submitting it to Film Annex Picks to be featured on our homepage,

5) Have your blogs featured on the Annex Press,

6) If you're not a content creator, you can add films to your channel from our Open Film Library or request to host filmmakers' work on your channel,

7) Get the latest news on entertainment, current events, sports, education, and more.

What catches my attention more was that Film Annex is a social media that pays and its paying in "BITCOIN" , this i am sure  will be the first  social media platform to use bitcoin and it will surely thrive. 

I also followed the advise of my sponsor "Dgeary " who already had been paid in "bitcoin". He  is already a three year member and has a big "buzz score" This was his advised;

 Since we adopters of "bitcoin" would like to increase our vault of bitcoin follow me here for another site and innovations.  From where i start only a few weeks see my stats ; 

Whats out for the "bitcoin" payment i will share with you here in FILM ANNEX , come on have fun!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Earnings with EOBOT mining

My first mining site is EOBOT and i registered in October 2013 and since that time there were already a lot of changes with the site.  From the beginning i only knew that there are only mining "Bitcoin" but now there are also mining other  crypto - currencies . They mined using hardware and mined through cloud.  When i started there was only a FREE mining software and they were selling also hardware.  But now you can subscribe on paid mining for any of the crypto - currencies you want or target. 

They still have the FREE miner software / this is good if you are just starting and you want to test the waters '
                 Download Eobot Windows         Download Eobot Mac                     Download Eobot Linux

 When i started with EOBOT , i only download the software and tried it see how it works and i even test if i can withdraw during the first six months.  After being satisfied i purchase the cloud mining system for the bitcoin mining.  I will show you the payments since the time i started up to the present and its encouraging.  

Seeing good developments from this mining site, i promoted EOBOT and it pays , now i have about 53 referrals who are now enjoying eobot mining. They are also a source of commissions for my earnings. My earnings to date are being send direct to my bitcoin wallet. 

( See the image below on payments , bonus and earnings to bitcoin wallet) 

      I only mine bitcoin but i am contemplating on mining other crypto currencies later i will decide and will share to you my experienced.  Join me now with EOBOT there are  real " Earnings with Eobot Mining." 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Estimated bitcoin earnings daily from PTC

In my last article i posted the difference between earning from PTC dollars and earning bitcoins (satoshis) from PTC. In my actual experienced there is more earnings on PTC of  bitcoins. But how much can be earned in a day if your only on Paid to click. 

In the landofbitcoin.com you will have two (2) main sources of satoshis; 

1. Automatic surfing - you just click on the auto surf button, then when the accumulated rewards summed up to 500 satoshis you cashout to the micro-wallet. You can surf the whole day but you need to check the accumulated rewards to cash it out to micro-wallet. Practically you could get as much 2000 - 3000 satoshis per day.

The micro-wallet would be the one to send the earn satoshis to the block-chain or whatever wallet you are using. The total earnings that can be send through the micro-wallet is 5825 satoshis( minimum)

2. Manual surfing is done thru the three major faucet sites;

  a. Micro-wallet faucets are 4292+/- satoshis for 57 faucet sites

  b. Bitchest faucets are about 1527 +/- satoshis for 17 sites

  c. Coinbox faucets are about 514 +/- for 20 sites

  d. PTC/GPT sites (satoshis/dollar) about 18 sites with   undetermined satoshis to be earned cause of different ads and sites situations

   Note : The number of satoshis illustrated above are estimate which can be more or less. There are factors that affects the number of satoshis you will be earning your time to visit the sites, the available sites or faucets on your surfing time, the faucets fund availability and sites like bitchest and coinbox has also withdrawal limits or cap to send earnings to micro-wallet.There are faucet sites that givers bonuses which are not on the amount stated above.

Procedure in Getting Bitcoins with Land of Bitcoins ' 

1. We start with "0" with our micro-wallet  

2. Then we proceed with clicking on the automatic surfing on the land of bitcoin ( the image shows automatic surfing is ongoing)

3. As the automatic surfing is going on we start with manual surfing on the faucet groups within the land of bitcoin , these are  micro-wallet faucets , bit chest faucets , coinbox and PTC/GPT sites .

4. So we are now surfing in automation and at the same time manually surfing  one by one micro-wallet faucets, PTC/Gpt sites , bit chest faucets and coinbox faucets.  This will result to automatic surfing cashouts,  finishing visiting of all the faucets and other sites.    

5. If we are done with bitchest and coinbox , what we mean was that we had reached the bitcoin thresh hold for the sites then bitchest and coinbox will send the satoshis to the block chain. PTC/Gpt sites also send their satoshis direct to the block chain and micro wallet also have a separate satoshis threshold of about 5895 satoshis before its being send to blockchain wallet.


If will examine the PTC/GPT earnings was not included because the earnings are also kept to reach the threshold and there are different sites. Though we would say its a small earnings in a day but this one depends on the current exchange with dollars or other fiat currencies and it is growing as time goes by it would be difficult to get bitcoins so the price will surely goes up. The amount today will be a wealth in the future. And this is only surfing , there are  earnings on mining, trading and  investments. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Million Satoshis this World Cup 2014

The most famous game in the world being played in a particular country every year. It is being watched all over the world with more people and exceeding that of the Olympic Games.  The present 2014 World Cup is being held in Brazil from June 12 - July 13, 2014.

With this event a generous bitcoin faucet site is giving away 10 millions of satoshis ( the basic unit of bitcoin) . Today April 20,2014 (1bitcoin = $589.63) . How many satoshis could you get ?

 BITCOIN ZEBRA faucetA very popular faucet a member of the Land of Bitcoin where a lot of  micro payments are thriving. Daily they are giving visitors up to 1000 satoshis every hour just visit their site put your wallet address and captcha. This World Cup season is special , they are willing to give over 10 millions satoshis (0.1 btc) with  this worldwide event. 

The Bitcoin Zebra World Cup 2014:

Just join  the exciting event on Zebra website and take part in the FREE competition and target the total prizes of over 10 million satoshis.  You only have to visit the site Bitcoin Zebra as often as possible. As the World Cup 2014 is happening, Bitcoin Zebra "Satoshi" competition is also being held worldwide from ( June 12 - July 13)  For every faucet payout you will  be rewarded "goals" which will accumulate. The member who gets the most goals- prizes will be awarded, be on the top 10 up to July 13 2014.  But if you dont make it on top, your collected goals will even be converted into satoshis and also watch for bonus payments into your account.

 Visit Bitcoin Zebra  have Fun , Invite others have lots of satoshis 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

PTC/GPT is great with bitcoin

The first income online program that i knew when i started with the internet was PTC/GPT  ( Paid to Click/ Get Paid To)  meaning clicking or visiting ads and they pay you $0.01 or lesser now its  $0.001.  It was quite hard then to earn a dollar but now its more than harder. Though  there were exemptions who make huge amount  with PTC/ GPT  these people have a lot of referrals that helps them to earn more.  They were good in getting referrals , using traffic and strategy.  At the moment i still maintain some PTC/ GPT of the old being paid in dollars but  now i do prepare more of the  PTC/ GPT which is great with Bitcoin; 

Lets  Compare the Old PTC/GPT with Great Bitcoins;

Comparison : 

1. It is hard to earn with PTC/GPT paid in dollars, you need referrals and a lot of strategy and expenses are required for traffic to earn more but with "ptc/gpt bitcoins a lot of free bitcoin are sprouting online with the same intention of being an early adopters grabbing bitcoins before 2140. 

2.  The earnings on ptc/gpt paid in dollars are already fixed in value not with ptc/gpt bitcoins the earnings though its up and down at this period which is about $600/bitcoin will surely increase in value as more adopters and investors join in.

3.  Earning with ptc/gpt also needed referrals but its not primarily a need but will also play a lot in increasing the earnings. There are a lot of ways to earn with bitcoins from "harvesting free bitcoins and mining which can be no cash involve. Trading and investing are other ways in earning bitcoins.

4.  Since bitcoin technology is in 5th year as a new invention and more and more becoming popular, gradually all ptc/gpt eventually will be paid in bitcoin and not in dollars. 

Start now participating with "bitcoin"try this simple way just to get an early start.  Do you want to a complex one visit 5 great classification in eaning with bitcoins


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Forex trading in 2020

Forex Trading as we all know , is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. The main participants in this market are the larger international banks. Financial centers around the world function as anchors of trading between a wide range of multiple types of buyers and sellers around the clock, with the exception of weekends. The foreign exchange market determines the relative values of different currencies (wikipedia) 

The foreign exchange market works through financial institutions, and it operates on several levels. Behind the scenes banks turn to a smaller number of financial firms known as “dealers,” who are actively involved in large quantities of foreign exchange trading. Most foreign exchange dealers are banks, so this behind-the-scenes market is sometimes called the “interbank market”, although a few insurance companies and other kinds of financial firms are involved. Trades between foreign exchange dealers can be very large, involving hundreds of millions of dollars.[citation needed]Because of the sovereignty issue when involving two currencies, Forex has little (if any) supervisory entity regulating its actions. 

With the above definition of the Forex ( Foreign Exchange) Trading we will be dealing with Exchange of Currencies and more in particular banks are the movers behind these exchanges. In dealing with the topic of " Forex trading in 2020" we had to know the present status of Foreign Exchanges at the present time 2014  and project what would be the scenario of the " forex trading in 2020"

Projecting Forex Exchanges in 2020 is a work of economist , banking expert or we should say foreign exchange experts. But since somebody had asked me to answer this topic i would say my opinion or i will be one in the opinion of some experts. 

     Let us know what experts are saying ;

         From Bloomberg ;  is a premier site for business and financial market news. It delivers world   economic news, stock futures, stock quotes, & personal finance advice.
            Foreign-exchange trading will more than double to $10 trillion a day on average a decade from now, driven by portfolio diversification from central banks, pension funds, hedge funds and insurance companies, according to UBS AG. The Bank for International Settlements said in September that currency market volume rose to $4 trillion a day. The immense growth of currency markets is likely to draw in investors seeking liquidity to manage large-scale portfolios,” wrote Mohi-uddin in a research report today. “It also means central banks wishing to influence exchange rate levels through intervention will need to act more forcefully to have any sustained impact.”  UBS estimated that the daily turnover in currency markets related to hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies and central banks rose 42 percent to $1.9 trillion in 2010 from $1.3 trillion in 2007.  The bank said these investors are likely over the next 10 years to be “more active in managing their portfolios of domestic and foreign assets as currency markets are likely to be super-volatile.”

         From Bitcoin Early Adopters ;

             (NOTE)  Bitcoin is a new technology which had started in 2009.  Since its start it had been used as a digital currency which is now disrupting the whole financial system.  Since it is being used as a digital currency or cash on the internet it can be send to any body in the world from a small fraction of bitcoin to a more bigger amount thru a small cellphone or computer. Using bitcoin as a digital currency takes over a new kind of "Foreign Exchange" which is peer to peer, decentralized without government control with lesser fees. The Exchange from bitcoin to a local currency takes place at the countrys recipient. If all the countries of the world adopt a new form or system of exchange will take place."

             The co-founder of Coinbase, who came from the insider club of Goldman Sachs, admitted 90% of bitcoin is investors hoarding coin, and only 10% represents the actual transactions taking place. Yes, that does seem scary, but keep in mind, we are in Phase 2 of Bitcoin. The first phase was dominated by college kids interested in cypherpunk. The second phase is people on the verge of retirement hedging their bets by placing a small amount of their portfolio into bitcoin because they notice it has real potential. I am part of Phase 2. Phase three will be the acceptance of Bitcoin by the banking industry and integration into the system.

           With those opinions above , i do believe that bitcoin will be side by side with the present foreign exchange trading system but eventually bitcoin will have the lead and would take over the present system.  The benefits of the bitcoin digital currency cannot be compared with the present . Bitcoin is peer to peer digital currency , its decentralized, no government control and non inflationary.  The disruption is now taking place from the year 2009 and on going what more of the coming 2020.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Do Bitcoin Mining

Mining Bitcoin



A very simple  logo of Eobot.com, one of mining site for bitcoin. 
My very first mining site 

To register and earn with eobot.com you should have a knowledge of bitcoin  and is considering Eobot.com as one of your site to transact business regarding bitcoin,  or other similar bitcoins like Litecoin,  PPcoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, Novacoin, Terracoin, Primecoin( its only on Eobot.com that i encounter different kind of coins) and also dollar to bitcoin and vice versa. 

1st Register 

2nd Download the miner/software 

In transacting with bitcoin of course you need to have a bitcoin. You can have bitcoin by buying bitcoin using your dollars (1bit= 179.1 USD) as of this writing. The other method is thru mining system or engage in some internet programs that pays bitcoin there are already a lot of programs using bitcoin.  Since you are a member of Eobot.com then you can download the miner/ software of this site and also if you want to earn more buy a USB Software miner. 

Download the miner/ software FREE on this link ;  www.eobot.com/EobotWindows.zip 

If you want to buy a USB miner/software go to the store,; http://www.eobot.com/store.aspx

Questions about the site, softwares and how much for the USB software use FAQ 

How the miner/ software works 

1. Create an account for free. We only need your email.
2. Download and run the software.
3. Get paid! Depending on your computer, the amount you will earn varies. Running the software will tell you in real-time how much you are earning.

Our software uses your CPU or GPU (graphics card) processing power and performs intense mathematical operations for crypto-currency mining. At no time is your computer unsafe, opened up to third parties, releasing your data, doing anything you wouldn't want, or used for anything illegal. For those interested in learning more, try a Google search on Bitcoin mining.

You should note that you will be paying for power/electricity and your computer may produce extra heat (although this won't damage anything, assuming your computer isn't clogged with dust). Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Approximate Rates When Using Software
High End Gaming Machine ~ $50 a month
Low End Gaming Machine ~ $25 a month
High End Server/Laptop (no graphics card) ~ $5 a month
Low End Server/Laptop (no graphics card) ~ $1 a month

Example of Software Running YouTube Video


If your ready to earn bitcoin and dollars without the need to market, click on any ads or market or have a site then register and start making money without doing anything. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Earn Bitcoins in Many Ways

In my few months of earning bitcoins from the internet it had been from a few sites to many sites.  From easy and simple surfing the sites , mining bitcoins , and to investment and trading system.  Just follow the guides and visit the sites for your pleasure. 

1. Earn bitcoins from mining  
    I started bitcoin from coingeneration when the site had given a free thread software whereby i did'not  know before that it was a mining software.  This experienced with the thread software had pushed me to know more about bitcoin. The second mining software that i got was from Eobot.com mining. Eobot mining now is mining not only bitcoins but also other crypto currencies like litecoin, dogecoin, dark coin and more. It also deals with cloud mining and with its free mining software as well as paid cloud mining.  Want to know more about mining visit Weusecoins.com

   https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=6121             https://cex.io/bitcoin-cloud-mining/

 https://bit-mining.co/?ref=5796             http://knightsofthesatoshi.com/?partner=2152_14130

2. Earn bitcoins from sites giving it free
    The great site that groups a lot of programs giving free bitcoins is Land of Bitcoins 
Under the umbrella of the land of bitcoins are mini - size wallets or sites that can hold micro- amounts of bitcoins called "satoshis". They hold the "satoshis" until it had accumulated or reached the minimum amount to be send to blockchain with the specific wallet address.  With free bitcoin sites some are called "faucets" gives you free "satoshis" from 5 to 1000 satoshis.  You only register your wallet address, captcha and then your paid, some sites lets you play with the games others are paid to click or get paid to do some activity. 





3. Earn bitcoins by trading or investing
       There are now new sites that are primarily involve with trading. These are the sites
that you can buy bitcoins or sell your bitcoins. It can be local or worldwide and you can also choose it you want to exchange your bitcoin to the local currencies that you want.

https://localbitcoins.com                   https://coinbase.com                   http://www.vnbitcoin.org

The above ways and sites i had enlisted for you to earn bitcoins are just starters. the bitcoin industry is just 5 years in the making and there will be more. You will benefit from these as we go along. I will update you with developments. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bitcoins from site to wallet

I had showed you the easy way to get or earn bitcoins from different sites giving free bitcoins . Now i will show you  how much are the free bitcoins and its worth  in a day based only on the list of free bitcoin sites. This free bitcoins came from visiting the sites, putting your wallet address and captcha. These  sites does not need investment its a free Bitcoin / currency.  We only need to work out daily though it takes a lot of time to collect a considerable amount of bitcoins in a day but one days work will probabaly double or triple depending on the bitcoin exchange with other fiat currencies. It is still volatile after the Gox incident it remains to  be an up and down  dollar value $500 +/-.   Earning free bitcoins is not the same as earning "dollar" from a free  Paid to Click sites because dollars from PTC  would not be doubling or increasing  unlike bitcoin.  Bitcoin as a new technology, digital currency/ or platform still needs to be promoted, to be adopted and developed and used daily.  Remember bitcoin is fixed in number 21 million up to year 2100.  The strategy is raise a great the number of bitcoins and earn more with many different ways online or offline. 

I start earning bitcoins just visiting some sites but as i engaged with the bitcoin eco system more and more programs are coming out even with free bitcoin sites. So theres a lot opportunities to raise a lot of bitcoins and used these furtherly  raising bitcoins and currencies.

       From the list of Free bitcoin   sites " Land of bitcoins" had more
  ( Earnings from land of bitcoins could be derive thru automatic way and manual surfing

In my experience with automatic surfing i could raised about 3000 satoshis and this are cashout to the microwallet  then the microwallet to "blockchain " with 5825 satoshis ( combining the auto surf and manual earnings) minimum cash out so with this cashout x  currency exchange = value in currency of the bitcoin.   

Basing on the present bitcoin price of $622.00/bitcoin x $ 0.00005825 = $0.0362315

 Its not that much in terms of value so there is really a need to visit all of the sites within "land of bitcoin" and use other ways in earning bitcon. But whatever you earn , the more it would surely go up, because the more people using bitcoin the more its value goes up because the supply becomes limited.  

Estimatedly   $622.00  x  $0.00006875= $ 0.042765  ( earnings with total satoshis) 
There will be difference in the actual surfing , there are sites that you could surf after 30 minute, after 60 minutes , two hours , three hours, after a day or more.  There are also referral links for some sites and naturally you will be given  commisions.  There are also some sites that gives 1000 satoshis in just one visit so the computations are only estimates.

        List of faucet grouping within the land of bitcoin, this is were earnings are kept before being sent  to the blockchain 

   Different faucet sites belongs to micro wallet faucets, bitchest , coin box and PTC /GPT sites but all of the earnings here are kept with micro wallet, that sends the payment to the  block chain at a minimum of 5825 satoshis. 

HERE'S  the bitcoin flows to blockchain ;



NOTE:   To send earnings to block chain it had to reached the balance below. The total balance are earnings from automatic and manual surfing from the land of bitcoin faucets


The Image above are the payments sent by microwallet  bitchest and Freebitco.in . Some sites are directly paying  to blockchain 

Showing you above the latest bitcoin balance at blockchain , this was only from land of bitcoin the other programs to later on will increase the balance with your support , join now the programs  from the land of bitcoins