Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Creating a wallet for ethereum

Last July 2, 2017  i registered and purchased cloud SHA 256 and ethash which had grown in value now in two days time.  In the settings inside my account at hashflare.io   bitcoin and ethereum address should be posted so  when the time comes to  withdraw the earnings,  the earnings goes directly to the wallet.  Though there are also options to re-invest the earnings.  

 Note:  Earnings in two days July 2- July 4, 2017 

In bitcoin there is no problem with bitcoin address cause i had been using blockchain wallet for bitcoin and i am using four (4) bitcoin addresses and they have a bitcoin wallet websites.  Not with ethereum its only now that i am being active with ethereum as well as with other crypto-currencies, so ethereum does not have website like a blockchain.  But there is a need to create the wallet for ethereum as well as other crypto's . With ethereum i followed the note on the setting in hashflare.io , create a wallet from github .

I followed the instruction above to create the Ethereum wallet  but the problem was it takes a long time to download and when i was able to get the mist 0.810 another problem rose up so i search on the youtube to get the experience of others regarding creation of ethereum wallet. 

I found this video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IEUbm1Q2Dk   the problem with the video was that the version of etherwallet is probably not so simple as describe so i went to the site and here's  how i happen to get the ethereum address or the ethereum wallet. 

You put a password on the button window at etherwallet then a keystore file will be produced and you will download this file or print on paper as paper wallet.  Then click on continue and this time you have to choose on the left side where keystore is the one i choose. Choosing the keystore + putting your password will open or unlock the wallet details.

the link for this site in creating your ethereum wallet https://www.myetherwallet.com/      
 After doing the creation i posted my address or wallet on hashflare.io  settings.  I supposed to make a video but there are procedures in the making of wallet that could affect my account.  

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