Thursday, July 6, 2017

Coin SNS another bitcoin social network

Coinpole is what i consider as a bitcoin social network but i forgot one site that i registered before which they claimed to be a bitcoin social network and this is . This site was the one that invited me to in which a member must have registered the site to the list of  Free bitcoin websites in coinpole

Visiting coinsns had revealed to me that i still have a number of bitcoins and a few number more are for withdrawals.  

COIN SNS from the inside ; 

CoinsSns which is different from coinpole is more getting a lot of members from different countries which we can see that there are a lot of languages which can be spoken inside. 

Members can choose a personal or business account or both with many different kind of activities.  There are also blog space to use and communicate with others inside and outside. 

At the moment there coins being promoted inside the bitcoin and ethereum and there are also task programs where you can also get free bitcons.  

Ultimately there is a cap before you can withdraw your bitcoins and ethereum , check the inside of 

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