Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bit the heat with btcheat

Bitcoin had proven again that it is continously increasing in value with the recent dollar value of $ 5800, so there are still a lot of time and space for those who are just starting or still looking for the source of their bitcoins , here's one link try this its easy to earn FREE bitcoins ads

The results of the spin is fast and much greater than my other sites for ads . With the image you can see that i already had 0.00204526 satoshis in only a day and a few minutes playing.

You could still play , because in every hours your given 10 points equivalent to play again 3 times and win satoshis.

You can also refer 5 persons and get equivalent number of plays . Its the first time i had encountered this system. 
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Withdrawal to my btc wallet this day just the right time

The bitcoin value vs the dollar had reached  $5,800 for every 1 bitcoin. I am glad to reached my withdrawal from to my bitcoin wallet. The withdrawal cap to be withdrawn from is about 15,000 satoshis.  With my total satoshis with adbtc is 15198 would be equivalent to $.881484 which will be my third btc withdrawal to my wallet. 

Let us watch what cointelegraph had to say ; 

Bitcoin has posted further all-time highs of almost $5800 after climbing $1000 in 24 hours.
Beginning Thursday, a price surge gained momentum to take the Bitcoin BTC chain over $5000 for the second time in history.
When resistance came at $5200, prices remained above the significant boundary before continuing to new heights never before seen. BTC posted a new high of $5798 in the early hours of Friday.
At the same time, forks of Bitcoin, namely Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and SegWit2x futures, either failed to appreciate or dropped in value.
BCH, which debuted for users Thursday, is worth only around 35 percent of what it was in August.
SegWit2x hedging, which is confined to Bitfinex, also disappointed users without downward trending, leading to an atmosphere of smugness among BTC proponents on social media.
The question on investors’ lips today, however, is naturally one of how long the BTC rally will last, and to what extent it will reverse.

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 Rally has been nuts. However, TA shows a hangover coming. Maybe it's about time to start accumulating cheap alts for the boom. 
Major rallies have traditionally been accompanied by downward corrections, albeit with each new high sparking a less severe correction than the previous one.

Suspicions are also rife that investors are stocking up on BTC prior to November’s two hard forks, in order to maximize free coins on every chain.

Well probably its an investors game again in raising the value of  bitcoin vs dollar. We Will see what will happen come November. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

ICO's ( Initial Coin Offerings ) is it a Shit?

For me i do agree with Andreas Antonopolous , the Bitcoin Boy about ICO's . It  is a program just for initiators to earn money.  That is why Andreas call it a shit?  It  will not return back investments contributed to an ICO's . For me its only one form of ponzi. 

With the popularity of the bitcoin a lot of schemes are online to lure a lot of interested parties, investors and enterpreneurs to be involve with bitcoin. 

ICO's was a scheme to get those people in the involvement with "Alt coins"

Imagine without a capital , you can raise a lot of money or bitcoins with ICO's because the offers are high , daily profits and a big return for investment but who would determine that your sure of your investment. 

I remember other schemes like doubling your bitcoin in a few hours or days. I tried one of this site , i sent a few bitcoins then waited but no bitcoins were re- sent to me. Tried to message the site but no one answers.  Rather then be involve with this schemes or ICO's , i would be involve with bitcoin mining, faucets and sure site investments. 

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