Friday, May 15, 2015

Cinema Plus 3.2cV07.05 ad malware beware

Recently for the past week, i am having problems with my computer. It is being attacked by an ad malware . As i write this post on bitlanders the ad malware keeps on popping on every page that i  visit  in and other websites that i am working on.  This ad malware is "cinema plus 3.2 c",beware  i believe i had download this application from google play not thinking that it would give me problems on my computer.

I tried to remove it but its not being moved. It had already affected my login password on my computer. Maybe if anybody read this they could share their experienced with this "malware".  And also share how to remove this menace online.

Here are some images that i saved where "camera plus" keeps on showing; 

For the meantime everytime "cinema plus" appears, i remove it manually. I am on the idea that if i cannot remove it by a software or manual  then i have to reformat my computer. 


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Will bitcoin be the new money ?


This video "The End of Money As We Know It " was from theauthor Torsten Hoffmann.
This video had been awarded from Amsterdam as  Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary Short


The End Of Money As We Know It traces the history of money from the ancient world to the trading floors of Wall St. The documentary exposes the practices of central banks and the dubious financial actors who brought the world to its knees in the last crisis. It highlights the Government influence on the money creation process and how it causes inflation. Moreover, this film explains how most money we use today is created out of thin air by banks when they create debt. Epic in scope, this film examines the patterns of technological innovation and questions everything you thought you knew about money. Is Bitcoin an alternative to national currencies backed by debt? Will Bitcoin and cryptocurrency spark a revolution in how we use money peer to peer? Is it a gift to criminals? Or is it the next bubble waiting to burst?

I did stumble upon this video and i do share with the author about the history of money and how it is being used as of today. The present system  is no longer serving the interest of the many and the financial system is being manipulated. And with the invention of the new money which is bitcoin it is most likely that the financial system would be disrupted and a new system will be installed but the time  no one knows.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Received 2nd pay request

Great i had proven that bitlanders is now paying , now i have received my 2nd pay request . When i opened my email i received a message that i have $10 on my paypal account from Thanks , i requested this about a week ago and i got it this May 10. 2015 ; 

Before i was wondering when i can received the equivalent of  B0.20  bitcoins in dollars or the bitcoin.  But had not requested so when i tried  i learned to know now.  You need to request for a paypal cashout if you want it , but as long as you have reached the value for the cashout.  Also you have to be verified , it means you have to send legal identification to prove that the account on your name is yours.  Then your ready to cash out just wait.  Overall your activity on bitlanders should be productive from posting of blogs, videos, and galleries. There are other boosting activities to raise your buzz scores like the free rewards just clicking on videos, blogs and pictures.  You can also buy gems to send your post items for review and get double rewards. In summary be active in all bitlanders offers and activities.  Happy earnings !!!!


Friday, May 8, 2015

LOB again has insufficient funds

The latest ,  LOB again has insufficient funds  the latest that i posted an article about LOB having problems on  non payment  was sometime in March but it was already about three months. So for those who had just read these do  not spend your time with Landofbitcoin site since they still have insufficient funds to pay you with bitcoins.  On these site there are a lot of alternatives bitcoin adsites that are free. You can visit a page here at generatebitcoinmakemoney  title "earnbitcoinseasyway" where i consolidate all the  sites to get all free bitcoins. 

Going back to LOB ( landofbitcoin ) here is a proof that they dont have sufficient funds ; 

The image shows that they dont have funds yet but no one knows when so dont waste your time

The image above is the total balance in bitcoin that i have but in waiting no one knows when 

The image shows the last time they had transferred bitcoins to wallet , this was in April 23, 2015 , so today its May 8, 2015

Landofbitcoin is having problems with funds. I feel its really hard to sustain having funds especially with bitcoin being a volatile currency its an up and down situation. I hope they can recover again. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

a powerful bitcoin generator gives 10thou bit/day or more

 Regretfully the latest with the bitcoin generator is this ;

Its my goal to have a great generator that  could give more bitcoins daily, weekly or monthly. I think i found one " a powerful bitcoin generator that gives 10thousand bitcoins/ day or more. When i found this  site i tried the generator and for almost only an hour without logging out from the site i reach 10,000 or more satoshis.  I think its very powerful and probably great one , but since i am still knew with the site i do have to see, if it will pay on a weekly basis cause its their policy. 

Here's the video of the website bitcoin generator ;

The video shows how i started, the only thing you need is to register the bitcoin wallet that you have then it all starts automatically.  When the total satoshis reach about 200 or more then you have verify that your not a robot and click on the captcha but not at all. On the video i just practise putting on the captcha but you can do this anytime you want.  The last i did was when i saw the total had already reach about 10,000 satoshis. 

You could also see the total of satoshis you have by clicking on the account. To get more satoshis, login until you can manage this site, or get referrals get the link above.  Happy bitcoin earnings !!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Using Bitcoin as currency or money

One reader  in bitlanders for which i am a member had said that "if bitcoin will be used all over the world it will go greater. The government should stop it because the people will no longer used money".   
I really do not understand  what  he wants to say  but analyzing the  comment it means that he is worried that  if  bitcoin be ever  used all over the world then people will no longer used money ( maybe the money that he was  referring was dollar  or local money.  It is presumed that bitcoin will be on the mainstream  and will be greater.,  so if it will be used as "Money" then people will no longer used " money", i dont know what money is the reader talking about.   
There is a need to clarify here what is "Money" and  can bitcoin  be used as money? .  And what will happened if  bitcoin goes on the mainstream?  The readers suggesstion was for the government to stop the bitcoin , because as to the reader says  it might take the place of "money". 

 Basically ,  what is "Money" ? from the internets definition  money is a medium of exchange in the form of coins and bank notes , coins and bank notes collectively.  It is also any item or verifiable record that is accepted as payment of goods and services and repayment of in a particular country or socio economic context.  
To further describe what is money , lets   look at the history when there is no money yet as we know it.  
Before  goods was exchange for another goods like a pig  is being exchange for three (3) chickens so there is no money involve in there but there is an exchange of value.  The value of one pig is being exchange for (3) chickens.  
That was the way to exchange value before , until they discovered  metals , like gold and silver. Since at that time and even now , these metals was hard to find so they discovered that they can exchange this for as a value in exchange for products and services even paying of wages.  Remember , Christ was being  framed up  for a few pieces of silver by Judas . This was the stage when a metal was given value for a product and services. Until they discovered to used  coins and paper money ( bank notes)  which we called now as "money" .   And the rest was history using the coins and bank notes as money. Since there was government  its the government that governs the used of these money or bank notes officially  declaring what money to use and  other than this would be not legal tender. 

Is Bitcoin money ?  

If we are to use the meaning of exchange of value  "bitcoin " should be considered as money because it can be given a value , depending on the number of people using it.  Much like in the history of  money there is  always value  in the exchange of  products or services. 
But  "bitcoin" is not tangible or physically present  ,  "bitcoin" is an invention , it is a script, a computer language , and it is also a ledger and can only be produced out of a computer. But for those who believes in these new invention , new technology  if used today and in the near future by people of the world then the value  would be given to it.  Just like the money it should have a value , but the difference with bitcoin the value comes from the people if many adopters   use it then the value would be great or high but if nobody use it then it has no value.  
Now with coins and paper money , this is only produced or equivalent to the value of gold stored by government of private person but not in the number of people using it. But if number of produced  coins and paper money  is not equivalent to the gold reserve then the coins and paper money has no value.  And that is happening the present paper money or coins has lower value or no value at all. 
The bitcoin technology is also decentralized  meaning there is no government control , no regulation , no central owner . It is the technology  itself that is making the regulation or its embedded on the nature of the new invention or new technology.  It is the people who owns it , it is the science of bitcoin to be decentralized , not centralized.  If the technology or bitcoin would be centralized then it will be corrupted then it would not serve its purpose as "bitcoin" , It is the nature of the bitcoin to be decentralized, no one controls  it is always a consensus .  If  anybody wants to control it  , it is not possible because all the people  who are on the ledger with there membership address will not permit it.  It is greatly hard to control a decentralized  stature. 

What lies ahead in the future of "bitcoin" ?

No one knows what will happened in the near future but for those who believes in the greatest nature and potential of these invention , they will pursue to raise the level of usage of bitcoin to the extreme.  Many will see the opportunities for these new technology and expoit it.  But you cannot control it, that is why "bitcoin" has a nature of displacing what is the old and corrupt system.  So in the near future the struggle for the change  and the struggle to maintain the status quo will continue.  But i am for the bitcoin has a great future ..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Generation Bitcoin D yr15

I am now on the D grouping of  free bitcoin sources. I called this grouping  as "Generation Bitcoin D yr15.  Grouping the bitcoin sources which are all ad sites or faucets is the easiest to get your free bitcoin.  You can also do  mining for free but it is more harder than  clicking on ads and be paid for bitcoin.  If you dont want bitcoin and you like dollars then exchange it to dollars, Paypal is one site where you can your bitcoin change to dollars.

Generation Bitcoin  D yr15 ;









     There are a lot of bitcoin adsites online, register on what you can manage.  I am giving you these list of sites so you wont need the effort  of looking for bitcoin sites,  you role is to register with the sites and earn bitcoins. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

LOB now its active again

In my last article i posted about "" now  being active  online and is paying or transferring bitcoins to members wallet.  For more that three months that they  had no activity and also had a  DDOS attack to the site some member  adsites separated. There were also sites that no longer used their "micro-wallet" ( this is a wallet where the members payment are being kept to save for LOB fees and before transferring it to blockchain wallet). many had transferred or use other micro wallets. 

So the landofbitcoin list below  are the faucets or adsites that i do surf almost daily; 

Autmated landofbitcoin menu -  link which you can find on the landofbitcoin  site provides you an automatic bitcoins while you are surfing with other faucets . When you reach a minimum of 500 satoshis then you can transfer it to your "micro wallet" the LOB wallet. 


Qoinfaucet - a bitcoin faucet where it offer the membes a small amount of biticoins for doing nothing . Just place your bitcoin address and captcha then be paid.          Flying                                                                      
Bitcoin blizzard              

Land of bitcoin sites to be visited and do some task to earn bitcoins                                                           

The sites and links above are some of the faucets and sites that you can register. This are all tied  up with . I did not include some sites  because it is already in my Generation Bitcoin __ yr15  groupings.  other sites that were not included are those that have problems like  "insufficient funds" , not loading  and or not paying.  The target total of bitcoin to raise is  5825 , you can reached this sum in about a week but faster if you have referrals. Good luck , happy earning  happy clicking. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

landofbitcoin now pays

Its only now April 30, 2015 that i noticed that  is now active online. So i surf on the  bitcoin ad sites that i had been visiting for almost a long time.  

Remember that i posted an article that i had not been paid by for three months but now they had  done what they had promised.  My article before for  this site was about the non  payment  or transfer to my wallet,  see it  below ; 

The Image above was the total that had not been paid or transferred on my blockchain wallet 

The latest withdrawals image above show the payment in bitcoin that had been transferred to the blockchain wallet.  The date transferred was March 31, 2015

Thanks that i got that big amount of bitcoins transferred to my blockchain wallet. That is  0.00038037  satoshis.  This was a hard earned bitcoin.  

I will post a new grouping  for the  bitcoin ad sites ,  for readers to surf on and get their free bitcoins. There are already  bitcoin adsites  that i already classified and still had been found with the landofbitcoin

Monday, April 27, 2015

My First Pay April 26/15 from this site

On my last article  i describe that cashing out the B 0.20 bitcoin could not be done even if i had been a member for almost two years.  I had tried this and i bitlanders says that i had not reached the B 2.0  bitcoin total.  What i can do was to  used the bitcoin to shop on the bitlanders  store.

I also tried this but  there was still a balance that had to be paid in order to get just the $10 from Paypal .  So relay my complain to Bitlanders.  Why do we have to pay where the additional amount would be the same as what you want to cashout from Paypal. I also complained the length of time to received such payment
They  send an email explaining that  they need  to check my identity if i was the real person  behind  the account.   And this checking of identity was related to the cashing out , even the payment  thru paypal.

So I send them my identification national ID  and health card . Then i  continue to shop by choosing   $10 from Paypal  which is  about   B0.05595222 .  Now since my identification had been processed   bitlanders says  no additional fund  and i have to wait  for my $10 . 

I had  to cashout  ( i did it last April 24)  since it had been too long a time that efforts should be compensated even with a small amount be it  in dollars and bitcoin.  I hope bitlanders should follow other ad sites in the sense that  they can pay  in one weeks  time  about  6000 satoshis  weekly. 

So  this is my first payment from this site ;  

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Generation Bitcoin C yr15

This is the  third  grouping for the  sources of bitcoin which are free and so easy just by registering your bitcoin wallet and putting the captcha then they pay you with bitcoin, i call this "Generation Bitcoin C yr 15" . Just click on the images or  with the links then you can proceed. 

Join me here and with other bitcoin ad sites to get you free bitcoins and you will be paid on your bitcoin wallet in one weeks time. Enjoy the earnings .. adopt and use your new money .