Wednesday, July 11, 2018

8 rules of online MLM from Ankur

Let me give some points from Ankur Agarwal about his tips on online MLM . Let us learn from his experiences, he called this 8 rules of online MLM ;

8 Roles of Online MLM from Ankur Agarwal

1. Know your wire

2.  If its for me , it is me

3. Master the game one step at a time

4. Start with lead regeneration

5.  Focus on convertion

6. Identify leverage

7.  Start duplicating one by one

8.  Automate

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Why a semi millionaire wants Trident?

Augur Ankarwal is an mlm marketing expert , he earned a lot of money and referrals  thru this mlm but with bitcoin he earned  more and fast .  Here is one his email regarding Trident Crypto fund ; 

Just crossed $2.4 million ++ in sales with Trident business which started  only 30 days ago....

Just the start - next stop will be $5 million in sales in next 30 days

This is the easiest business to crush online in 2018 and you need to focus  on this if you have not already been doing so

Perfect timing , great products , superb compensation plan and professional  corporate

We got all the ingredients to be the next billion company

Let's make it happen


P.S.  Here's your link to start if you have not done so 

As you can see he already had an investment of about $100k on his right side and 150k on his left side. He had a sale of almost 2 million ++ in only 30 days.  Do you still think he matters if this is a scam? 

I am following Ankur but he has more money but it make sense and his experienced with the online business is just like gambling to him. 

I believe that his strategy in making money is timed with the advent of the new technology in the sense that bitcoin or cryptos is very volatile it rise up then go down to settle and the moment it settle thats the time you purchase and invest big.  And the Trident is also a tool for investment as capital and at the same time an investment for speculative cryptos. 

And me as one of the thousands under his downline this is the team that he is making as part of the whole ; 

 If you have'nt earned online start with the cryptos and try Trident ;

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Why Trident have a lot of registrant and members

Trident as advertise is a new strategy on investing with the crypto eco system.  Since there are a lot of cryptos  which are competing with bitcoin,  investors have to choose which one has the probable potential to be like bitcoin which is always on the top of the list. If you have a lot of  money you would invest on about 10 or 5 cryptos but the problem is the assurance that the cryptos you choose will stay on the top like second to bitcoin.  There must be a way or a software to monitor the ever increasing cyptos as we reach the mainstream ecocoin system in 2011 where it is estimated that bitcoin will reach the ultimate number of bitcoins to be discovered on the blockchain about 21,000,000. 

Physically monitoring the positions of every cryptos weekly, monthly will be a top job and since Trident will do this for any registrant/investors so this is one of the reason that there are a lot of registrant with the site.  Adding to this if you knew with the help of Trident the positions of different cryptos then you can invest to a crypto that will increase on each value per month then youll have more earnings.  You can also have investments on the Trident fund and its token Trident and at the same time earn with referrals, Airdrops and matching bonus.  So if you will see , Trident earnings is full of  whammy!

But still there are people who says that this are all come on features to entice registrant to get in at Trident  and who are the people who are investing with Trident. There are those who invest thousands of dollars who are really on a gamble, imagine investing thousands on the very first day of its opening which started at  $0.60 of value and now its $1.45, if you have a lot of money you will really invest because in a few weeks or months you will be earning a lot.  This is what i see with Trident the people who are investing a lot of money are those who can lose but they expect to win and they calculate the months if ever the site will be gone.  They probably dont care , maybe its not the only site that they are investing , they have some other cryptos.  In the event of the program not working the losers will be mostly those who invested a small amount.  This people will say its a SCAM !! 
but not with big investors.  Maybe they know that this could turned to SCAM but still they dont care.  Why not try its a scam?

Start of Trident investment to present ; 


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

No sales of trident to US members

Trident decided that they won't sell any Trident Crypto Fund and Trident ICO to US members any more.  Here is the email that had been sent to me ; 

In order to comply and abide by the USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
recent statement notice (, we have made the decision  that TDC tokens and crypto fund will no longer be offered for purchase
to United States citizens or United States residents.

For United States citizens or United States residents who have already purchased tokens or crypto index packages through our pre sale, we will be cancelling those purchases and offer refunds based on the amount paid.

As the sales were made in dollar equivalent during conversion from btc deposit,
we will do the refund in dollar equivalent also.

For Example If you have Participated in ICO or crypto index fund with USD 300
then you will be refunded with USD 300 equivalent in Bitcoin.

Kindly mail us your ID proof for verification that you are US citizen or US resident on with your all deposit details to process your refund.

All refunds will be in Bitcoin equivalent and will be made to your Bitcoin wallet
on the Trident login site.

You can process withdrawals for Bitcoin after that.
You can expect your refund within a week after sending us an email.
Your account will be closed within 3 weeks after this announcement.

There will be no future claim on it.

Also all direct sale commissions given to affiliates on the refunded USA sales will be deducted from the available balance and binary volumes reversed on the refunded sales

We wish best of luck to all our USA customers and affiliates for their futures cryptocurrency endeavours

Business in rest of the world continues as normal
and we are excited for the future to come

With our current growth rate of 3000-5000 members a day ,
new products in line and other good stuff

Best is yet to come

Trident Management

Since i  am an active member of  TridentCryptoFund and had started to put some bitcoins. I was worried that Canada members would also be included if now maybe later . This had already happened to me with bitconnect and power mining pool.  Its the same argument by the SEC of the US which had stopped this two sites and now it will probably the third. Is it really the conflict with the laws of US or agains the bitcoins and cryptos that they are against.  

What is Tridentcrypto ?

As what the video is describing it is really an investment for a token called "tridentcryptofund" this token or we can call it coins are INDEX funds that will track return of investments.  The way it will return investments that exprires at 140% in three ways  , passive investments on the Trident fund, the ICO token and the matching bonus for referrals that became active.  I do hope "trident" the success , join now

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Social media is now paying with bitcoin or cryptos

With Facebook and other social media platforms  earning from selling datas (where members does not know) it is just right that social media now pay its members in being on  their sites or platform.  This idea was not done even when this giant social media like Facebook,  Google and Twitter continues to sell datas and earn millions.  

But with the people being aware now that  participation with social media should not be free but be paid then sharing of blessings must be the new trend with the advent of new technology. 

The bitcoin and the blockchain technology is the right answer and would be the new norm. The new bitcoin and blockchain tech is decentralized which means that there is no need for a particular platform to monopolize a transaction. This will be the opposite of what FB is doing. Is it not a monopoly and earning at the expense of the people who are on its platform? 

The income from a certain type of business should be shared and not the monopolist whom the only one earning or has the biggest share. This is whats happening? The idea that people helping a company grows should have a part of what a company is earning and this is not a bad idea or what should be.  Do you like big business to design what we should have,  it should be us  who should be deciding for ourselves. Let us move to a new realm that is the new technology of bitcoins, cryptos and the blockchain. 

Let us watch "steemit and bitchute" new platforms of social media being developed and would ease out monopolist in the near future; 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

MIning bitcoins / cryptos

Today i would be sharing mining bitcoins and cryptos . As you well know mining is a big part of the bitcoin eco system.  Mining is the system where a computational system is being done by the miners to solve the problem in the bitcoin system and when miners solves the problem a new block is added to the chain (blockchain).  The miners are the ones who authenticate the transactions and discover new bitcoins.  Now miners are rewarded a minimal transaction fees with their hard work. 

Since the start of the bitcoin system , it is getting harder to discover new bitcoins so new and faster hardware had to cope up.  So the faster hardware has new faster hashes that discovers new blocks.  One block is solved or discovered every 10 minutes, which means that bitcoin are discovered every 10 minutes until it reached 21 million and estimated to be done in 2140.  The amount of rewards will decreased by one half roughly every four years.

 At this time mining for bitcoin or other cryptos is still a way to gain this digital currencies, that is why mining sites are still on the rise. They profit from the fees which they get from the customers , thats us. 

I had been in mining since i discover about bitcoins and the list below are some of the mining sites that i register. 


Monday, May 21, 2018

Bitcoin transactions view ads

The last article was about simple transactions , you put your wallet address then when you have the withdrawal amount then you earn  bitcoins or cryptos.  You really had to be patient because it will be time consuming and the secret is earning more with  REFERRALS . What i mean was that you should have people on your downlines who believes in what your doing. If not then its you alone who have to  raise the points or bitcoins to its withdrawal amount.  

Now another bitcoin transactions that  almost the same as putting your wallet address and withdrawing your bitcoins are sites that have advertising.  The added task with this site is for you to click on the advertisings then they pay you with bitcoins. Then if you are on the withdrawal amount then you earn, transfer the bitcoins or cryptos to your wallet address. 

This is some of the list of  Click Ads for Bitcoins :
One of my favorite site where some of my bitcoins came from click on the ads then upon reaching the withdrawal amount you earn.  
Also most favorite because it has many ads and its russian. I had earned many bitcoins with these site. Just the same click on the ads and you have bitcoins. 

The above sites have many ads to click. Clicking of the ads takes time so even if its only two sites together with other simple sites, it will take you about three hours to finish and visit all of the sites. If you want to add more sites to click advertising then do it, if you can manage there are tons of sites online experienced if they pay or not. There are sites that you cannot login when your ready to cashed out then it will say they dont have enough funds or accused you of something you are not doing. They can make excuses just not to pay you with bitcoins, try to choose the paying sites. 

Lets watch the video how i do it :