Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sept. 1 forsage increased

 It is now September 1, 2020 i was surprise that my forsage fx3 and fx4 had increased it is now a total of $203 and i believe now it will increase, even if your not doing anything or even if you only have 1 partner on your account.  If you want to experienced this growth sign up now here 



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Friday, August 21, 2020

Learn how forsage with fx3 and fx4 works


Forsage is a decentralized smart contract with matrix that assures your money is on blockchain. But watching how it works is more revealing what it is. Remember the fx3 and fx4 are the transactions, let learn how it works; 



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Friday, August 14, 2020

My account on "forsage" August 14, 2020

 I started with "ether money machine" June 19, 2020 so today its August 14, 2020 , its 56 days almost 3 months there were changes that i noticed, here's the images ;



 In terms of earnings there was an increase to $180 which was $160 before on the last update. 



 On this tracker there was also an increase on the number of viewers though there were no actions but one distinguishing event was the increase on earnings and which was not particulary shown but its on the partner or referrals, a registration of one



1st Big Special Event on "Forsage"

 Forsage is only a few months old and it had already captured a lot of people globally. Now it had renewed its commitment and it has established its new code based on interrnational human rights. Watch the special event https://ethermoneymachine.io/i/UEJNNzkzMzQyNQ==



What you want to know about "Forsage"

This video will sum up what you want to ask about "forsage". But to know it more experienced it go this link and register https://ethermoneymachine.io/i/UEJNNzkzMzQyNQ==


An interview from one of the creator of "Forsage"

 It is interesting to know who was behind the very popular project today. Why he had created this second to bitcoin program and what is his long term goal for this program. 



Monday, August 3, 2020

Status update on Ether Make Money Program

I started with "ether money machine" June 19, 2020 so today its August 3, 2020. Its about 46 days since i started, there were developments in terms of earnings since i started where i bought some spots in fx3 and fx4 i had some earnings but not that much and it came from fx4 , then i realized as my sponsor says that we had to buy all the spots on fx3 and fx4 where the possibility of more earnings would come but thats a lot of money.

But i was thinking of the recommendation because the income or certain amount of what i put in will come back to me and it will help others and make my family or relatives to be my partners so i have one and purchase some spots on fx3 and fx4, here's the result;

It is clear now from the image that having a partner and its  purchasing spots  will make your earnings in an exponential growth .  From the image of fx3 which had a purchase of 5 spots or raise to level 5 the earnings grew to $162.00 formerly it was only $12 from fx4 without any partner.

Having a good partner is really an assurance that you will have growth, having a good sponsor that will pour in partners is a waiting game that i had started remember the $12 that i got from fx4 these came from the work of my sponsors partner. But still the best option is to register with my link and i will be your best partner sign up here ;