Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Creating and Posting on FB had been a blogsite since 2013 and i had not put it on FB though i have an account and pages on FB.  Its only now that i decided to start posting articles related to  GBMM.  Actually the main concern was to influence lots of would be bitcoin enthusiast and lovers to join with the new technology. 

Sharing , educating and influencing people would be beneficial for all since the "new currency and technology " would be great.  Articles from the blogsite would be transferred to fb page and there are some articles in FB  that are related to GBMM that could be shared which probably could not make it to the blogsite. 

The first note that i shared with FB ;

Putting GBMM (generate bitcoin make money) on FB


I have known bitcoin since the year 2013 though it was invented only in 2009 , so its about four years from bitcoin being a scrypt. In 2013 i created “generatebitcoinmakemoney” blogsite on that time when i found out that a computer can be used as a generation extension of companies like “ peergomez.” This site pays you for using your computer for their services. The problem with the business was that the computer had to run every day and within 24 hours. 

I had to find other income on the net until i found “coingeneration” which was already engage in bitcoin but later scam the members for not paying , then i knew about eobot a mining site , then i still dont understand well about bitcoin. 

What i knew of bitcoin before was it will be a new currency on the net ? So if it was a currency , then i have to increase my number of bitcoins and exhange it dollar but during those years the bitcoin is not that big value. If i knew that it that the value will be this big now worth about $2000 going to $3000 i should have continued stocking bitcoins.

Experiencing that bitcoin not worth a value before i shifted to other income programs but unluckily programs dont work like “revenue sharing programs” that also turn out to be scamming members. It is usually starts good then later it turns bad, so probably thats the nature of some net programs. So creating a page for GBMM on facebook would be an extension of educating and informing others about bitcoin , eventually getting them to join programs that i am registered . The goal was to inform , educate and earn or stock bitcoin for later use.

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