Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bitcoin from ads not paying suddenly answers

I posted a day ago about no bitcoin transactions for three months. One of my source of bitcoin is .  In my article i was wondering why was not paying its member for the last three months.  

My latest March 30/ 2015  total that they have to pay thru my bitcoin wallet w as about 30,000 satoshis but when i visited  the site March 31 / 2015  the total was gone and it returned to zero. All i was thinking was that  it will be paying since note on their payment says , payment resume in 2 days or sooner.  Having this on mind i  continuosly click on the ads and now i have a new total ; 

So we will know  if they will pay the March 30 / 2015 last total or the new total from March 31/2015.

On my last article  i also emphasize  that it is dangerous to click  on the ads of landofbitcoin because there is  popping ads which is a spyware.  You cannot delete it , unless  you take out the power to your computer.  But maybe they have read my article ,  because  it had GONE.  

I tried to surf until i click all the advertising faucets ,  and  spyware is not showing.  I hope this again for  the nth time  continously for good but such situation of not paying even if you reach the capped amount,  the spyware,  other faucets not paying and other member faucets resorting to paying with their owned are not good signs  for the . 

Bitcoin from ads which is was not paying suddenly answers in action is Good but they have to maintain this or elsse  they will lose their members. 

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