Monday, April 27, 2015

My First Pay April 26/15 from this site

On my last article  i describe that cashing out the B 0.20 bitcoin could not be done even if i had been a member for almost two years.  I had tried this and i bitlanders says that i had not reached the B 2.0  bitcoin total.  What i can do was to  used the bitcoin to shop on the bitlanders  store.

I also tried this but  there was still a balance that had to be paid in order to get just the $10 from Paypal .  So relay my complain to Bitlanders.  Why do we have to pay where the additional amount would be the same as what you want to cashout from Paypal. I also complained the length of time to received such payment
They  send an email explaining that  they need  to check my identity if i was the real person  behind  the account.   And this checking of identity was related to the cashing out , even the payment  thru paypal.

So I send them my identification national ID  and health card . Then i  continue to shop by choosing   $10 from Paypal  which is  about   B0.05595222 .  Now since my identification had been processed   bitlanders says  no additional fund  and i have to wait  for my $10 . 

I had  to cashout  ( i did it last April 24)  since it had been too long a time that efforts should be compensated even with a small amount be it  in dollars and bitcoin.  I hope bitlanders should follow other ad sites in the sense that  they can pay  in one weeks  time  about  6000 satoshis  weekly. 

So  this is my first payment from this site ;  

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