Thursday, April 30, 2015

landofbitcoin now pays

Its only now April 30, 2015 that i noticed that  is now active online. So i surf on the  bitcoin ad sites that i had been visiting for almost a long time.  

Remember that i posted an article that i had not been paid by for three months but now they had  done what they had promised.  My article before for  this site was about the non  payment  or transfer to my wallet,  see it  below ; 

The Image above was the total that had not been paid or transferred on my blockchain wallet 

The latest withdrawals image above show the payment in bitcoin that had been transferred to the blockchain wallet.  The date transferred was March 31, 2015

Thanks that i got that big amount of bitcoins transferred to my blockchain wallet. That is  0.00038037  satoshis.  This was a hard earned bitcoin.  

I will post a new grouping  for the  bitcoin ad sites ,  for readers to surf on and get their free bitcoins. There are already  bitcoin adsites  that i already classified and still had been found with the landofbitcoin

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