Monday, March 30, 2015

No bitcoin transaction last three months

It was a good , relaxing and mission accomplished for the last three months  when i had my vacation on my country the Philippines.  On the other side i was not able to do my online works, there was
no bitcoin transaction for the last three months.

Bitcoin  for these year 2015 remains to be stable though exchange with other currencies especially the dollar  had been  on a + and - 250 .  Though i tried to make my way to login and do my works on the other county its been hard .  The internet is very slow and i had not brought my laptop.  Going back now means reviewing what i had done with bitcoin , transaction in raising the number  of my bitcoins. What is here that i could do to improve my works with bitcoin,

As of these writing the value of bitcoins in US dollar  are  Last Bitcoin price: 248.39 USD (source: Bitfinex)

The bitcoin on my wallet is  not that big  and mainly dependent on ads in exchange for bitcoin and other  like commissions and referrals.

Reviewing the sources of bitcoins and its limitations;

1.  Land of bitcoin    when i started with this site there were a lot bitcoins that can be 
     acquired  just by clicking on ads but with the    increase and decrease or volatility of bitcoinr
     it had encountered a lot of problems.  The first was it was attacked with DDOS , then its 
     payment to members block chain wallet changed from its capped  which could be
    achieved in a few weeks  now  its about three months now it had not paid members. Some 
    faucets are also not paying,  others now does not depend on microwallet which is own by 
    land of bitcoin,  they now used their own and pays block chain. 

    Visiting landofbitcoin site is becoming dangerous because there is a site that pops out and     
    before you know it you cannot move on you are tied with a spyware site. You cannot delete
    the site.  The only method i use to get rid of the site is put off the power on the computer and
    put on the power after 10 minutes otherwise dont login or sign up. 

2.   EOBOT  a mining site for bitcoins and other crypto currencies . Before it was regularly 
     paying but  with the increase and decrease of  dollar exchange for bitcoin , it had been very
     slow and minimal. 

3.  a social networking site that pays bitcoins on posted blogs, images, videos
    referrals and other features.  Its also a slow paying site ,  it is a one way method work on
    their way. 

4.  Others  bitcoin sites but had not contributed to the increase of bitcoin earnings. 

    Getting  lessons from these experiences  means  continuing with what is positively contributing  for bitcoin increased  and adding  new tactics in acquiring more bitcoins. 

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