Thursday, April 9, 2015

Watch Paidbooks on Video

It  is more dynamic and action pack when your watching a video . Why not watch paidbooks on video. 

The video is about my account on . It portrays that with there are categories to choose from short stories, bitcoin, personal development, science fiction, classic literature, horror, adventure, crime , mystery and romance. From this categories you have to choose  your book to read. 

In the video i choose personality development ( this is not a whole reading session)  the book " think and grow rich" has 376 pages so the video cannot be that long, meaning 376 minutes because the page to read is about 60 seconds= a minute per page.  So if we will allow a video for 376 minutes it will take us more than 6 hours. 

The video just shows what are the categories of the books, what book to choose, how to start reading (clicking on the timer) , when payment starts and end for a certain book. After reading a book you could still continue on any book to choose again and also start earning.  

Hope this helps to understand more about this and earning with satoshis ..

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