Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tried to cashout bitcoins or dollar to Paypal

I had been a member of  when it was still film annex. So i would say i  registered a few months with film annex before it became  I like the idea of filmannex as well as bitlanders. I like this site because then i was starting to participate in bitcoin generation and i consider this site  one of my sources for bitcoin.  Bitlanders had all the ways for more generation of bitcoins since i started i could consider about nearly  two (2) years  since i join. But way back then when i started i am still confused on how they are computing and if they really are paying. 
 If i will compare my clicking of ads just with one site alone which is , i am earning $5 in a week  but with film annex or bitlanders in my two years as a member, i dont think i will get the same earnings  but maybe with bitcoin but i dont think so , since i tried to purchase or exchange my bitcoin for dollar thru paypal , i still am to add more bitcoins to my account just to get $10 , 

Here are the pictures to show that i tried to cashout ; 

So here is the total of  bitcoins for almost two years to date which is the over total but that is not what you will be getting because , as you can see the you have the total which is B..2163165 but the request if you total the shop credit and the balance its not B0.2609209 ,  it is supposed to be reaching what everybody wants to achieve the total  of  B 0.20 bitcoins to cash out  .
If you reguest to buy a payment thru paypal which is about B0.13395458  then  it will say ;this ;. 
It means you cannot cash out $0.20 which was the target everybody wants to achieve , like me for almost  two years.  So when you still want to cashout in bitcoin or in dollar thru paypal , you still had to add  more ;  

This amount of bitcoin is what you still had to add to get a  $10 thru paypal and this bitcoin is equal with the present exchange of  $235.29  x 0.05  =  $11 wow ...
WHAT you have to pay more just to exchange the bitcoin to dollars ? I dont know why ? 

Reviewing the notes regarding the revenues ; 

If you will examine the notes , you will not know when you can reach the  0.20 bitcoins this site want you to achieve because ,  every month there is a review of what total you had achieve and its written that the amount of previous month is not available , so it is clear we dont know that its only who will know it. 
Then all revenues are estimates , it depends if bitlanders ad publisher had paid or not,  so there is no way to find out if  they had paid , its bitlanders knowing. 

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