Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bitcoin sites not paying members

 During the time that i was engaged on paid to click ads and being paid in dollars there were so many Ad sites that are not paying.  Some pays you  on the first few months then they began  to have problems, when you are asking them, they give you  all the excuses that they can invent.  Now if they have the money , they pay some members  then others no.  
Now with bitcoin , there are also sites that are not paying. At first their is "insufficient funds and if you see this eventually they dont have the fund to pay what you had click.  Then the next time the promised that they will pay you at a certain time , then they fail again.  And so the last they closed shop.  

Given the situation about "bitcoin sites not paying members"  , i will post a page specifically for these  site to  informed others as well and  to determine who these scammers are ;  =  i had been a member for almost a year with this site
                                   and it was paying with bitcoin and its being transferred
                                   to  ,unto my wallet. But now it had been
                                   four(4)  months now and they are not paying nor
                                   transferring bitcoin to my blockchain wallet. 

I will be updating  this page for others to see or if you had experienced  the same fate with sites that are not paying then  give your comments below and i will post the name of the site and please  explain  why you classify these site to be not paying the members. 

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