Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Social Networking Site pays bitcoin to members

I stumbled upon an email  inviting me for a site about Film Making but when i registered and login on my account and on the site, i found out there are a lot of people clicking on its others account. I tried to follow what they are doing, subscribe to other members account. But since i was still new with the site , i inquire with my  upline about the  nature and features of the site.  So this is Film Annex! reply;

Welcome to Film Annex!
On our platform, you can:

 1) Watch award-winning short and feature length films by some of the best independent filmmakers around the world,

2) Upload your films, write blogs, and curate your Web TV channel, which you can then monetize,

3) Be financially rewarded for the quality of your content and your social media sharing skills thanks to the BuzzScore (http://www.filmannex.com/pages/buzz_score),

4) Finance your next project by submitting it to Film Annex Picks to be featured on our homepage,

5) Have your blogs featured on the Annex Press,

6) If you're not a content creator, you can add films to your channel from our Open Film Library or request to host filmmakers' work on your channel,

7) Get the latest news on entertainment, current events, sports, education, and more.

What catches my attention more was that Film Annex is a social media that pays and its paying in "BITCOIN" , this i am sure  will be the first  social media platform to use bitcoin and it will surely thrive. 

I also followed the advise of my sponsor "Dgeary " who already had been paid in "bitcoin". He  is already a three year member and has a big "buzz score" This was his advised;

 Since we adopters of "bitcoin" would like to increase our vault of bitcoin follow me here for another site and innovations.  From where i start only a few weeks see my stats ; 

Whats out for the "bitcoin" payment i will share with you here in FILM ANNEX , come on have fun!!!

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