Saturday, June 14, 2014

PTC/GPT is great with bitcoin

The first income online program that i knew when i started with the internet was PTC/GPT  ( Paid to Click/ Get Paid To)  meaning clicking or visiting ads and they pay you $0.01 or lesser now its  $0.001.  It was quite hard then to earn a dollar but now its more than harder. Though  there were exemptions who make huge amount  with PTC/ GPT  these people have a lot of referrals that helps them to earn more.  They were good in getting referrals , using traffic and strategy.  At the moment i still maintain some PTC/ GPT of the old being paid in dollars but  now i do prepare more of the  PTC/ GPT which is great with Bitcoin; 

Lets  Compare the Old PTC/GPT with Great Bitcoins;

Comparison : 

1. It is hard to earn with PTC/GPT paid in dollars, you need referrals and a lot of strategy and expenses are required for traffic to earn more but with "ptc/gpt bitcoins a lot of free bitcoin are sprouting online with the same intention of being an early adopters grabbing bitcoins before 2140. 

2.  The earnings on ptc/gpt paid in dollars are already fixed in value not with ptc/gpt bitcoins the earnings though its up and down at this period which is about $600/bitcoin will surely increase in value as more adopters and investors join in.

3.  Earning with ptc/gpt also needed referrals but its not primarily a need but will also play a lot in increasing the earnings. There are a lot of ways to earn with bitcoins from "harvesting free bitcoins and mining which can be no cash involve. Trading and investing are other ways in earning bitcoins.

4.  Since bitcoin technology is in 5th year as a new invention and more and more becoming popular, gradually all ptc/gpt eventually will be paid in bitcoin and not in dollars. 

Start now participating with "bitcoin"try this simple way just to get an early start.  Do you want to a complex one visit 5 great classification in eaning with bitcoins


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