Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Estimated bitcoin earnings daily from PTC

In my last article i posted the difference between earning from PTC dollars and earning bitcoins (satoshis) from PTC. In my actual experienced there is more earnings on PTC of  bitcoins. But how much can be earned in a day if your only on Paid to click. 

In the you will have two (2) main sources of satoshis; 

1. Automatic surfing - you just click on the auto surf button, then when the accumulated rewards summed up to 500 satoshis you cashout to the micro-wallet. You can surf the whole day but you need to check the accumulated rewards to cash it out to micro-wallet. Practically you could get as much 2000 - 3000 satoshis per day.

The micro-wallet would be the one to send the earn satoshis to the block-chain or whatever wallet you are using. The total earnings that can be send through the micro-wallet is 5825 satoshis( minimum)

2. Manual surfing is done thru the three major faucet sites;

  a. Micro-wallet faucets are 4292+/- satoshis for 57 faucet sites

  b. Bitchest faucets are about 1527 +/- satoshis for 17 sites

  c. Coinbox faucets are about 514 +/- for 20 sites

  d. PTC/GPT sites (satoshis/dollar) about 18 sites with   undetermined satoshis to be earned cause of different ads and sites situations

   Note : The number of satoshis illustrated above are estimate which can be more or less. There are factors that affects the number of satoshis you will be earning your time to visit the sites, the available sites or faucets on your surfing time, the faucets fund availability and sites like bitchest and coinbox has also withdrawal limits or cap to send earnings to micro-wallet.There are faucet sites that givers bonuses which are not on the amount stated above.

Procedure in Getting Bitcoins with Land of Bitcoins ' 

1. We start with "0" with our micro-wallet  

2. Then we proceed with clicking on the automatic surfing on the land of bitcoin ( the image shows automatic surfing is ongoing)

3. As the automatic surfing is going on we start with manual surfing on the faucet groups within the land of bitcoin , these are  micro-wallet faucets , bit chest faucets , coinbox and PTC/GPT sites .

4. So we are now surfing in automation and at the same time manually surfing  one by one micro-wallet faucets, PTC/Gpt sites , bit chest faucets and coinbox faucets.  This will result to automatic surfing cashouts,  finishing visiting of all the faucets and other sites.    

5. If we are done with bitchest and coinbox , what we mean was that we had reached the bitcoin thresh hold for the sites then bitchest and coinbox will send the satoshis to the block chain. PTC/Gpt sites also send their satoshis direct to the block chain and micro wallet also have a separate satoshis threshold of about 5895 satoshis before its being send to blockchain wallet.


If will examine the PTC/GPT earnings was not included because the earnings are also kept to reach the threshold and there are different sites. Though we would say its a small earnings in a day but this one depends on the current exchange with dollars or other fiat currencies and it is growing as time goes by it would be difficult to get bitcoins so the price will surely goes up. The amount today will be a wealth in the future. And this is only surfing , there are  earnings on mining, trading and  investments. 

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