Sunday, July 20, 2014

I got rid of remarkable ad a malware

 I am sure that everybody who are highly active in online activity had encountered  many experienced regarding  viruses, worms, malware , phising and other hindrance in a clean and smooth surfing on the wave. This article that i want to share is a very new one.  I got rid of remarkable ads , a malware that  i only discovered a few days ago.

The symptoms that  usually gives you an idea that there is something wrong with your computer are seeing  it to be slow or so slow when surfing, viewing your files, documents or videos. It takes a lot of time to load your browsers.  Since i am surfing a great number of ads,  in my experienced lately , whenever i am surfing on a lot of adsites , there  is a particular ad  that pops out. These ads appears on a particular ads , if you are on a video watch , the ads will appear about  upgrading your flash video or any ads related to the needs of your video.  The ads appearing are related and if your not conscious you will click on it and see it as a genuine software that is free to download.  If you download this ads which is really a 'Malware" this will surely be loaded on your computer and it will be hard to get rid of them. 

What i also experienced was that the malware was appearing on the left side, right side , bottom, top side or just popping anywhere.  Its a creative malware ,  it can even shrink the website that you are viewing ( look  at the image below .

The above image is a re-sized image of a faucet website which i am surfing. It was resized by the malware "Remarkable Ads,  the name is slightly visible on the top left side. 

Another thing that is unique with this malware was that it is being registered on the site you are surfing  different  names so it will be hard to determine if its "malicious adware" or malware.  When you install these free programs, they will also install Online Browser Advertising as well. Some of the programs that are known to bundle Online Browser Advertising program include “Youtube Downloader HD”, “Fast Free Converter”, “Video Media Player 1.1″ and “DVDX Player 3.2″.

Having this bad experienced which  is very annoying, disruptive and makes you feel the discomfort, I sent an email to the "landofbitcoin"  about the problem and they immediately sent me a link to a  blogsite , that discusses and illustrate how to "i can get rid of the malware". 

The general steps to follow in getting rid of the "Ad Malware" 

For the details about the adware / malware, how to recognize these and the detailed steps see go to this link

STEP 6. I add this step,  download  "SANDBOXIE" this free or paid software confines your browsing on a space and if there are virus that slips on while your browsing it is confine to the space provided by "SANDBOXIE"

If you find this useful  please feel free to share any amount of bitcoin here 

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