Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Earnings with EOBOT mining

My first mining site is EOBOT and i registered in October 2013 and since that time there were already a lot of changes with the site.  From the beginning i only knew that there are only mining "Bitcoin" but now there are also mining other  crypto - currencies . They mined using hardware and mined through cloud.  When i started there was only a FREE mining software and they were selling also hardware.  But now you can subscribe on paid mining for any of the crypto - currencies you want or target. 

They still have the FREE miner software / this is good if you are just starting and you want to test the waters '
                 Download Eobot Windows         Download Eobot Mac                     Download Eobot Linux

 When i started with EOBOT , i only download the software and tried it see how it works and i even test if i can withdraw during the first six months.  After being satisfied i purchase the cloud mining system for the bitcoin mining.  I will show you the payments since the time i started up to the present and its encouraging.  

Seeing good developments from this mining site, i promoted EOBOT and it pays , now i have about 53 referrals who are now enjoying eobot mining. They are also a source of commissions for my earnings. My earnings to date are being send direct to my bitcoin wallet. 

( See the image below on payments , bonus and earnings to bitcoin wallet) 

      I only mine bitcoin but i am contemplating on mining other crypto currencies later i will decide and will share to you my experienced.  Join me now with EOBOT there are  real " Earnings with Eobot Mining." 

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