Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Earn Bitcoins in Many Ways

In my few months of earning bitcoins from the internet it had been from a few sites to many sites.  From easy and simple surfing the sites , mining bitcoins , and to investment and trading system.  Just follow the guides and visit the sites for your pleasure. 

1. Earn bitcoins from mining  
    I started bitcoin from coingeneration when the site had given a free thread software whereby i did'not  know before that it was a mining software.  This experienced with the thread software had pushed me to know more about bitcoin. The second mining software that i got was from mining. Eobot mining now is mining not only bitcoins but also other crypto currencies like litecoin, dogecoin, dark coin and more. It also deals with cloud mining and with its free mining software as well as paid cloud mining.  Want to know more about mining visit      

2. Earn bitcoins from sites giving it free
    The great site that groups a lot of programs giving free bitcoins is Land of Bitcoins 
Under the umbrella of the land of bitcoins are mini - size wallets or sites that can hold micro- amounts of bitcoins called "satoshis". They hold the "satoshis" until it had accumulated or reached the minimum amount to be send to blockchain with the specific wallet address.  With free bitcoin sites some are called "faucets" gives you free "satoshis" from 5 to 1000 satoshis.  You only register your wallet address, captcha and then your paid, some sites lets you play with the games others are paid to click or get paid to do some activity. 




3. Earn bitcoins by trading or investing
       There are now new sites that are primarily involve with trading. These are the sites
that you can buy bitcoins or sell your bitcoins. It can be local or worldwide and you can also choose it you want to exchange your bitcoin to the local currencies that you want.                  

The above ways and sites i had enlisted for you to earn bitcoins are just starters. the bitcoin industry is just 5 years in the making and there will be more. You will benefit from these as we go along. I will update you with developments.