Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the World Cup Zebra bitcoins won

CONGRATS!!! to the winners in the World Cup  , Cheers for the German Team who was is now the holder of 2014 World Cup and the others who had fight for the goals to the end .  Everybody won , all the teams from different countries had the chance to show their  skills for the World Cup. 

The World Cup Holders since the year 1930 to present 2014

Since the World Cup 2014 was launched Bitcoin Zebra , simultenously  held  the Bitcoin World Cup Zebra event,  the contest was about racing to have the maximum number of referrals as well as number of Satoshis to be earned until the end of the World Cup which was last Sunday  July 13, 2014. We already have winners. The  top winners are the TOP 10 , but the winners are not only them but all those who spent their effort and time to click on Bitcoin Ads site putting their bitcoin wallet and captcha as well as promoting the contest and Bitcoin Zebra.  

CONGRAT'S in the World Cup bitcoins won 

 If you want to know my score it is the last colored one thanks to Bitcoin Zebra, hope to join another contest. Join Now Get Your Bitcoin


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