Sunday, March 11, 2018

Why the need for bitcoins ?

In line with our goal to assist those people who still does not know about bitcoin , we are posting this and today we want to tackle the issue of " the need for bitcoins" Why ? do we need bitcoin when we already have dollars and other fiat currencies ? for me i have my own reason, i don't  know with others .

We are still on the nineth or tenth  year since the bitcoin came into existence .  I believe on the reason why Satoshi Nakamoto ( creator of bitcoin - no gender, no group claiming )  created bitcoin.  But before that let us review the history behind the discovery of the bitcoin.  

The site registers the history from the beginning when Satoshi Nakamoto was still developing  the bitcoin , up to registration of the domain name, the presentation of the script, first transaction up to year 2014.  Since then on bitcoin is making history , nothing can stop it from developing , from the downfall to uphill exponential growth. Bitcoin had been hit and many are saying it will be dead , from the start but it continuously grew why ?  Before i consider bitcoin as one source of money making but now upon studying it more fully i believe in its entirety just like Andreas Antonopolous this is history in the making.

For me now its no longer money making , its more establishment of a new money system. I believe that with what is going on with the world economy whereby the few elite would like to established their influenced,  domination and control of the "world economy" and govern the world populace  with their accumulated wealth ,   bitcoin is one of the answers . It negates what the "elite groups" centralization because bitcoin is de- decentralized.  Bitcoin is global , easily accessible, no banks , no authority , its a peer to peer transactions.  With this characteristics of the bitcoin system, it would really pushed the world financial system to a new one , the bitcoin system.

The history of money that we had known from birth is now gradually being eroded and being replaced with the new bitcoin system but it would not be easy , they will not permit this new system to take them over , they would probably manipulate it in there favor but we should be on guard for these if we believe with the new bitcoin system.  Bitcoin for me is starting a new financial revolution a lot of people, business, organizations, enterpreneurs and even some governments are now for bitcoin system because the old system is corrupt, dying, had serve more for the interest of the elite and not for the people.  So now we are still on the stage of "financial revolution" campaigning and at the same establishing the different infrastructures needed for the bitcoin system to work . Is there an alternative ? For me there is none , its only the bitcoin system , it will be a stage where there will be no paper or plastic money it will all be digital money.  Let us watch other views on the matter of the need for bitcoin.

Lets learn from the interview of Joe Rogan with Andreas Antonopolous :

Let us watch an interview with Andreas Antonopolous  the latest about 5 years with bitcoin : 

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