Thursday, March 1, 2018

Someone still dont know what is bitcoin ?

Its now the year 2018 , its about nine years since bitcoin appeared online with the first ledger blockchain.   It is still early and bitcoin had not reached the supposed 21 billion in circulation, so its understandable that there are people who dont know about bitcoin. They  probably heard about bitcoin but had not been actively engaged in the activities of bitcoin.  Those who are involved with bitcoins ( and other crypto currencies) are those interested with the technology, business enthusiast, adoptors and of course those who have the dire interest be it personal, corporate or public.

So for those who want to know or start with bitcoin here are some lessons but the act of owning and engaging with bitcoin is the no. 1 step to learn about bitcoin ( not to mentioned other cryptos which also had to be tackled here in my blog)

Before going to the details about bitcoin , i just want to share that when i came to know bitcoin i treat it as one strategy to make money since i was involved with other means to get income online like paid to click, surveys, hyip , sales , small investements which became ponzi. Over all my experienced before was not a success , it is now that bitcoin had arrived that the future looks bright cause there are chances,  big chances that you could make money with bitcoin.  It is already money what i am now doing is stacking or collecting bitcoin or other cryptos . While doing these stacking your also investing the bitcoin to make it bigger or earn.  I am on the stage of knowing which are genuine strategist to get bigger number of bitcoins then later spend bitcoin for my personal needs.

There are already a lot of information that can be found online. These are widespread on the internet about bitcoin like the lectures of Andreas Antonopolous , a digital security expert who had turned evangelist for bitcoin. Andreas can be found on 

There are also organizations like Andreas who are promoting bitcoins like" and other cryptos are also explaining about bitcoins and their cryptos. They cannot get away from the original because bitcoin was the first ever successful digital currency and now being followed by other digital crypto's like bitcoin cash, litecoin, doges, ethereum and so many others maybe a thousands. 

What is basic with bitcoin and other cryptos is that its basically a script that works only on the internet. The digital currency which was now bitcoin has its on public ledger called blockchain.  Other cryptos had the same script and a blockchain but with a different name like ethereum, litecoin, doge , ripple and others

The bitcoin which was the original is publicly owned, de centralize, no middle man, peer to peer,sending bitcoins has much lower fees, no arbitrary requirements, can be use to any country and open source and transparent

Bitcoin will be the new money , why i say this its because this bitcoin will start the discruption of old system of finances.