Friday, March 16, 2018

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I believe the Dow could drop to 12,000. And, as a consequence, Bitcoin could rally to $30,000. Sound absurd? Well, I’m not done yet…Because I also have an investment trifecta that could, if all goes according to plan, return you 400% by March 21st, 2018. Why? How? Keep reading…
The writing is on the proverbial wall and the panic  is setting in on Wall Street.  And in markets around the world, for that matter. Don’t think for a minute that the one- or two-day rallies we’re seeing are a sign of things to come for the stock markets…Because they aren’t. The long-awaited market correction is here, and no matter how steep our new growth rate may be, or how low the unemployment rate number is… Neither of these factors can stop the correction that’s coming  because they had nothing to do with the gains we’ve all enjoyed since this longest of bull markets began back in 2009…That was when the Federal Reserve began pumping trillions of dollars  into the economy year after year after year… While keeping interest rates at record lows.  Money has been cheap and plentiful for almost a decade.
The Bubble Factory Is Closing
The days of Fed “bubble money” are behind us.  Not only is the Fed winding down its treasury bond purchases, which has supported the bond market all these years… But three quarter-point interest rate hikes are on the 2018 calendar. The first one likely to be announced at the March 20-21 Fed meeting. The markets will get hammered and undercut from both Fed policies. And therein lies this month’s opportunity… The next crash — which I believe will be here soon — will create demand for a new safe place for investors to put their money. I believe that place will be cryptocurrency. Specifically, Bitcoin.
I’ll explain why in just a minute.  Already Bitcoin and other cryptos are disrupting the traditional  definitions of value and the correlations between “traditional” assets. But you’re probably wondering…
“Isn’t Bitcoin Just Another Money-Losing Bubble?” 

Sure, Bitcoin saw a big run-up and then fell even further than the markets. But there’s a huge difference between Bitcoin’s surging prices and the Dow’s. Their respective pullbacks are different, too. Bitcoin skyrocketed in value in 2017 because of its undeniably transformative impact on our world.  You can’t say that about stock prices that for almost a decade have been inflated by phony Fed money and manipulated by derivatives trading. The crypto “crash” on the other hand was a case of fear, not inflated value. The reality is that cryptocurrencies are full of real value that’s supported with deep investments by the biggest names in technology and banking. And, they carry no debt.
Investors will flock to Bitcoin in the next crisis. And that brings me to my first point:
There’s no correlation between stocks and cryptos. 

That’s why investors searching for a safe place to hold their money and see it grow in value will look to Bitcoin – and other cryptos – as a replacement for crashing stocks and debt-laden U.S. bonds.It’s not that this might happen…It has to happen. Let me be crystal clear here: the reversal of fortunes I see happening for the Dow and Bitcoin this year has already begun.But the good news is that you can not only sidestep the huge drop we’ll see in Dow this year…You can profit from it, too. And… you can reap big profits from the resurgence in Bitcoin that I see coming. The beginning of 2018 has brought about unprecedented volatility in the stock market. We have seen some of the largest single day selloffs in history, and as I noted above, that this could be the start of a major correction.This market correction will have far reaching benefits for investors well positioned for the move lower… and dire consequence for those that aren’t. With historical correlations between the stock market, interest rates, and commodities breaking down over the past few years, this correction could look different from any the market has ever seen before.To prepare for the possibility of a historical correction, you’ll need to set up your portfolio in a much different way than what you’re used to.But it’s not just market volatility that you’ll need to factor in when adjusting your investing strategy…
The Case for New Gold

Cryptocurrencies will impact the dynamics of any potential correction.That’s because cryptocurrency markets will give investors a new asset
alternative where they can reposition their money. How important is this new alternative asset to investors? Aside from the technological revolution that they’re driving, cryptocurrencies will seriously disrupt the relationship between the
stock and bond markets as we know them. In fact, cryptocurrencies may well challenge gold as the preferred safe haven in uncertain times. If you think I’m blowing smoke here, consider:
In December 2017, JP Morgan analyst Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou said that
“BITCOIN may become the new GOLD.” But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning…