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The Ultimate Crypto Catalyst

Cryptocurrencies skyrocketed in 2017.

The rally in the “major” cryptocurrencies was unprecedented
in financial assets. Early investors made fortunes holding small positions and riding the rip higher… I personally reaped huge profits from them and continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in cryptos. Bitcoin, the largest of the cryptos, dominated headlines throughout the year as it rallied from $973 in early January of 2017 to nearly $20,000 at its peak.

Gains throughout the entirety of the crypto space were huge: 

Bitcoin rallied over 1300% in 2017.
Ether rallied over 8900% in 2017.
Litecoin rallied over 6100% in 2017.
Ripple rallied over 6900% in 2017.

Although the recent pullback in crypto markets has erased a chunk of these gains, many who bought cryptos in 2017 are still showing gains. But those gains are just a taste of what’s to come with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies… 

As we’ve seen, a major correction is not only inevitable,
but I believe it’s imminent. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I made millions in the housing crash of 2007, so I view market corrections as great opportunities. They provide you with the chance of a lifetime to capture some big profits in a very short period of time. In the coming stock market crash, liquidity will be a priority… 

Markets will likely close, banks may freeze accounts,
money market accounts may be restricted, money transfers and withdrawals may be difficult if not impossible to make… You can imagine this happening because you lived
through it in 2008. When the correction occurs, the ability to transfer assets instantly and without risk will be extremely valuable. And that’s what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can deliver without any interference from governments or central banks. Once investors realize this – and that’s already starting to occur – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will recover from their recent losses and go up much more. 

The market correction will show Bitcoin’s advantage over other  “safe havens” in very stark and undeniable terms.
But that’s just a part of it… Increased adoption of Bitcoin and other assets will continue to drive prices up in the crypto markets. Over 100,000 stores now accept Bitcoin as payment and that represents only a fraction of the millions of businesses in the world that will  soon accept electronic payments. Large corporations and financial institutions
are already adopting Bitcoin… JP Morgan, Intel, and Microsoft, are just a few of the major players accepting crypto payments and making investment in crypto-related technologies and enterprises. In fact, only five months after JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a “fraud,” JP Morgan has released a 1-page guide to the crypto markets.

He sees that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that powers them are revolutionizing the financial markets and will supercharge business around the world for the foreseeable future.

The Crypto Slingshot Pullback

That’s why this pullback in the broader crypto market is an incredible opportunity to get ahead of these trends. When you consider all of these factors, it’s hard to imagine just how
valuable these assets could be. The value of such widespread technological impact is difficult to quantify, but at the same time, almost impossible to overstate. Of course, I realize that it can be difficult to picture this playing out in the market, given the negativity surrounding cryptos over the past month. But as I’ll explain now, that isn’t something that should concern you. 

There are a number of reasons investors aggressively sold Bitcoin and other cryptos in January and February. But none of them points to a “permanent” sell off in Bitcoin. The selloff truly began when the South Korean government announced sweeping new regulations in the crypto space in early January. The new laws made it a requirement for crypto traders to link their trading accounts to bank accounts with matching names. This verification process removed the anonymity from the market that many investors enjoyed and valued about Bitcoin. While this is an important development, it does nothing to weaken the fundamental case for investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Given the rise in institutional adoption, these regulations are far less concerning. As big business gets used to the idea of operating in a world with cryptos, governments will, too. Many already are. All of this will support further upside in crypto markets.

It’s a very simple and yet powerful relationship: the greater the adoption of Bitcoin by businesses, banks and governments around the world, the more valuable Bitcoin will become. Even the South Korean regulation took effect, it had only minimal impact on Bitcoin’s popularity. In fact, there are now more businesses accept Bitcoin now than ever before. If anything, this “slingshot pullback” in crypto markets sets up a fantastic opportunity for a trade that will best position you to profit heavily on a potential stock market crash.

The Market Correction Profit Play

You can see now that there are some serious signs of a potentially major equity market correction on the horizon. Technical and fundamental factors coupled with recent price
action in stocks have the market in a dangerous position. Crucial moving averages have been breached or are about to be and three quarter-point interest rate hikes are expected this year from the Fed, with the first one planned for March 21st. That doesn’t leave you much time. Therefore, now is the time to get into bitcoins...I prefer Bitcoin because it has the most recognition and is the most likely to be thought of as a new safe haven asset in the event of a market crash.

Get long on Bitcoin as your safe haven asset.

This is easy to do. Buying Bitcoin on a major exchange like Coinbase is as easy as setting up any other brokerage account. (More on this in a moment.) Once you have your Bitcoin, you can keep it on the exchange or store it in a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet allows you to keep you Bitcoin on a physical device rather than on the exchange. Exchanges are safe and regulated and the hardware wallet is just another option for storage. Seems like a simple plan right? It is… And it’s one of my most confident predictions of the year. I Couldn’t Be More Confident Of This Prediction
I know this might seem like a bold claim. Calling for a major stock market selloff and Bitcoin rally is bold; but there’s a couple of reasons I’m so confident in this call.

I’ve seen this type of stock market action before – I made mosts of my profits as a trader during the housing crash of 2007 and 2008. I know what bear markets look like and feel like. A lot of those same elements are present in this market, in addition to other factors that in my opinion, make a stock market correction very likely.I haven’t been wrong on Bitcoin yet – Last year I called the low in Bitcoin after JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon calle Bitcoin a “fraud.” You can see the message I sent to my followers five months ago on this below. I also made a prediction that Bitcoin would rally to all time highs after the launch of the Bitcoin futures. After the futures listed, we saw the market touch a new high… and then the sell off – another event that I predicted. My record in Bitcoin and my experience in trading through market corrections make this setup my favorite trade opportunity I’ve seen in a very long time.

Again, the Dow will correct and Bitcoin will spike. But you’re probably wondering… Should I Unload All My Stocks Now? No, not really. I said that I couldn’t be more confident in this trade…not that I’m infallible. As we discussed earlier, the last time the VIX broke a single day rally record, the market continued higher for about seven months. Besides, investors should always have a portion of their portfolio invested in the market. But given the reasons we stated earlier, you should rethink your approach to trading over the next few months. The Goldman Sachs note summed up perfectly how you should think about the market now…

“…sell-the-rallies rather than buy-the-dips…” So going forward, take profits on rebounds in the stock market. To build the short Dow component of the pair trade, look for entries on stock market rallies. That is, when the stock market has a couple of days, that’s when you enter into the inverse Dow ETF position With Bitcoin, you do the opposite; look for entries on the dips. The stock market is walking through a minefield, and any misstep could lead to disaster. In The Off Chance That I’m Completely Wrong… I am so confident in this trade because even if I am wrong
about the stock market correction, you can still make money
being long Bitcoin. All of the reasons for wanting to own Bitcoin would be magnified by a major stock market correction, but they would still be there without one as well. A further stock market correction would only act as a catalyst for a move in Bitcoin that is going to happen anyway. That’s what makes this trade so appealing. Let’s talk about the specific trade now.

There are simple steps you need to take…
Go long Bitcoin You can buy Bitcoin Coinbase or Binance or other exchanges. It’s as easy as opening a brokerage account.

Bonus Step: Get involved with new tycoon plus and start mining bitcoin passively  

Take full advantage of the many other cryptos that will ride Bitcoin’s rise. As Bitcoin rallies to new highs, it will bring other cryptos with it.

Typically, I include an exit plan with my recommendations. This time, however, I will not be providing any initial profit targets.There are a few reasons for this… If the stock market does indeed crash, there is no way to predict how low it could go, but I think it could easily fall to 12,000. 

I would watch the market closely and time an exit based on price action, technicals, and fundamental developments.

As I mentioned earlier, I had most of my success in years where the market was crashing. I know how to approach this type of environment – it represents a fantastic opportunity win big and so it’s important to give a trade like this room to really run. The reasons I will avoid setting targets in Bitcoin are similar.Should the stock market create a catalyst for a rally in Bitcoin, it’s nearly impossible to determine how high it could go. I truly believe that Bitcoin could easily hit 30,000, or even rally 1,200% this year to $100,000.There’s a lot of other support behind Bitcoin that has nothing to do with the stock market. Therefore, your holding period for long Bitcoin will be based on watching developments in the market as they come. The opportunity presented by current market conditions might not be present much longer.

A number of dynamics are at play that could cause this series of events to play out any day now. When it happens, it will happen quickly.

You want to position yourself before it does.

Ankur Agarwal

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