Friday, March 16, 2018

What others say , the need for bitcoins or cryptos?

For me now its no longer money making , its more establishment of a new money system. I believe that with what is going on with the world economy whereby the few elite would like to established their influenced,  domination and control of the "world economy" and govern the world populace  with their accumulated wealth ,   bitcoin is one of the answers . It negates what the "elite groups" centralization because bitcoin is de- decentralized.  Bitcoin is global , easily accessible, no banks , no authority , its a peer to peer transactions.  With this characteristics of the bitcoin system, it would really pushed the world financial system to a new one , the bitcoin system.

The history of money that we had known from birth is now gradually being eroded and being replaced with the new bitcoin system but it would not be easy , they will not permit this new system to take them over , they would probably manipulate it in there favor but we should be on guard for these if we believe with the new bitcoin system.  Bitcoin for me is starting a new financial revolution a lot of people, business, organizations, enterpreneurs and even some governments are now for bitcoin system because the old system is corrupt, dying, had serve more for the interest of the elite and not for the people.  So now we are still on the stage of "financial revolution" campaigning and at the same establishing the different infrastructures needed for the bitcoin system to work . Is there an alternative ? For me there is none , its only the bitcoin system , it will be a stage where there will be no paper or plastic money it will all be digital money.  Let us watch other views on the matter of the need for bitcoin.

Why is bitcoin so important ? 

1. For the first time in history we have an secondary option , gives you option to opt out , gives you many opportunities to give you benefits you and your family

2. Look at the federal system how they do banking , inflation rates and actually lending out 9/10 of what they have on the reserves , it is usually absurd , if you look at the 2008 bailout they gave the banks , they gave the insurance company,  they gave the car companies millions and millions of dollars  printed money , what happens is devaluation and inflation goes up . Interest rates goes up , this is big trouble 

3.  There are banks in the US in the 60's that people cannot get their money . The money now is just paper no more backing up , no gold no silver no value . What bitcoin gives you a seconday option that is not controlled by the government and not controlled by the federal reserve system

4. You can now buy bitcoin with any other currencies just by using an app on your cellphone, you can send bitcoin to any place in the world,  you can also earn from bitcoin . You can also have other crypto currencies like ethereum, litecoin, dogescoin or others thousand more 

5. Sending bitcoin to any place in the world is much lesser that using the bank or other agencies which would take a long time and a lot of requirements just to send money

6. In bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies you are the bank 

7. I am a proponent of bitcoin , crypto currencies and blockchain . There are still 2 billion people who are unbanked it means they dont have an account with any banking institutions but with bitcoin they can have their owned bank. All they need is a phone and an internet connection , now they can do commerce locally and internationally 

9. With this bitcoin and cryptos the future is bright , this technology empowers the people . With the blockchain technology everything becomes transparent , you can check any transactions , you can see where your money goes even in charitable institutions  but with bitcoin you can send money person to person in any amount in an instant 

10. The blockchain technology will revolutionize the world and for the first time we have a second option , we can opt out of the fiat currencies create our own bank and owned economy not controlled by anybody

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