Friday, March 9, 2018

What is a digital wallet and the blockchain ?

In order for anybody to be in the bitcoin network or adopt a bitcoin you should have a digital wallet. The digital wallet is like an email which have a web address  and a password. With digital wallet you have a public address which is the email address and a password which is the private key. 

In the video "how bitcoin works" it was described that you need a digital wallet . Its not only for getting into transactions but also keeping your bitcoins in your wallet. 

In this next video , this will describe what is a wallet then later how you can get the wallet . I also have included the description of the blockchain , what is a blockchain and what is happening inside the blockchain. 

What is a digital wallet ? 

I hope this explains what a digital wallet is  ? So what is a blockchain ? 

So blockchain is a set of blocks in a chain but its more complicated inside only technical people knows it .