Friday, May 15, 2015

Cinema Plus 3.2cV07.05 ad malware beware

Recently for the past week, i am having problems with my computer. It is being attacked by an ad malware . As i write this post on bitlanders the ad malware keeps on popping on every page that i  visit  in and other websites that i am working on.  This ad malware is "cinema plus 3.2 c",beware  i believe i had download this application from google play not thinking that it would give me problems on my computer.

I tried to remove it but its not being moved. It had already affected my login password on my computer. Maybe if anybody read this they could share their experienced with this "malware".  And also share how to remove this menace online.

Here are some images that i saved where "camera plus" keeps on showing; 

For the meantime everytime "cinema plus" appears, i remove it manually. I am on the idea that if i cannot remove it by a software or manual  then i have to reformat my computer. 


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