Friday, May 8, 2015

LOB again has insufficient funds

The latest ,  LOB again has insufficient funds  the latest that i posted an article about LOB having problems on  non payment  was sometime in March but it was already about three months. So for those who had just read these do  not spend your time with Landofbitcoin site since they still have insufficient funds to pay you with bitcoins.  On these site there are a lot of alternatives bitcoin adsites that are free. You can visit a page here at generatebitcoinmakemoney  title "earnbitcoinseasyway" where i consolidate all the  sites to get all free bitcoins. 

Going back to LOB ( landofbitcoin ) here is a proof that they dont have sufficient funds ; 

The image shows that they dont have funds yet but no one knows when so dont waste your time

The image above is the total balance in bitcoin that i have but in waiting no one knows when 

The image shows the last time they had transferred bitcoins to wallet , this was in April 23, 2015 , so today its May 8, 2015

Landofbitcoin is having problems with funds. I feel its really hard to sustain having funds especially with bitcoin being a volatile currency its an up and down situation. I hope they can recover again. 

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