Thursday, May 7, 2015

a powerful bitcoin generator gives 10thou bit/day or more

 Regretfully the latest with the bitcoin generator is this ;

Its my goal to have a great generator that  could give more bitcoins daily, weekly or monthly. I think i found one " a powerful bitcoin generator that gives 10thousand bitcoins/ day or more. When i found this  site i tried the generator and for almost only an hour without logging out from the site i reach 10,000 or more satoshis.  I think its very powerful and probably great one , but since i am still knew with the site i do have to see, if it will pay on a weekly basis cause its their policy. 

Here's the video of the website bitcoin generator ;

The video shows how i started, the only thing you need is to register the bitcoin wallet that you have then it all starts automatically.  When the total satoshis reach about 200 or more then you have verify that your not a robot and click on the captcha but not at all. On the video i just practise putting on the captcha but you can do this anytime you want.  The last i did was when i saw the total had already reach about 10,000 satoshis. 

You could also see the total of satoshis you have by clicking on the account. To get more satoshis, login until you can manage this site, or get referrals get the link above.  Happy bitcoin earnings !!

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