Monday, May 11, 2015

Received 2nd pay request

Great i had proven that bitlanders is now paying , now i have received my 2nd pay request . When i opened my email i received a message that i have $10 on my paypal account from Thanks , i requested this about a week ago and i got it this May 10. 2015 ; 

Before i was wondering when i can received the equivalent of  B0.20  bitcoins in dollars or the bitcoin.  But had not requested so when i tried  i learned to know now.  You need to request for a paypal cashout if you want it , but as long as you have reached the value for the cashout.  Also you have to be verified , it means you have to send legal identification to prove that the account on your name is yours.  Then your ready to cash out just wait.  Overall your activity on bitlanders should be productive from posting of blogs, videos, and galleries. There are other boosting activities to raise your buzz scores like the free rewards just clicking on videos, blogs and pictures.  You can also buy gems to send your post items for review and get double rewards. In summary be active in all bitlanders offers and activities.  Happy earnings !!!!


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