Wednesday, August 23, 2017

two months re activation gains bitcoins

It had been two months that i had re activate my different accounts in bitcoin and it gains bitcoins and earnings . Previously i was more involved in ad revenue sharing but had not been active with bitcoins but since ad revenue sharing were no longer productive so i switch on again with my venture with a new technology.  Luckily the bitcoins vs dollar is rising up and now it had risen to about $4000.  I have been listing my accounts and the results since May 21 and today August 23 is already two months. 

Since 2013 i had been registered with but i am in mining with my personal computer and its earning though i had to deal more with faucet sites that pays in bitcoin but now i start with cloud mining in bitcoin, faucets and some other bit programs.  

In ;  

Latest results
mining result for bitcoin  50 0
mining result for ethereum 201 0
maning result for litecoin  500 0
mining result for steem 7049 0
mining result for dogecoin 48.8907788 50.05249761 daily increase
mining result for ripple 212295 0
mining result for dashcoin  336 0
mining result for golem 0
mining result for curecoin 8711 0
mining result for xem  343490 0
mining result for monero  497 0
mining result for zcash 9227 0
mining result for byte coin bcn 0.30039465 0.02
mining result for  BITCOIN CASH 3309 3319 10
mining result for USD 0
mining result for grid coin  421755 0
cloud seti  1.3256252 1.32663633 0.00009843
cloud folding  7624772 0.75711209 0.00053652
cloud mining ghs  4.22773+++ 4.23154333 0.0457507
In the venture for earnings on eobot the very first that i learned with other miners was to raise the power of GHS , so its what i am doing for the last two months though i am mining two programs SETI and Cloud folding, two coins were also bypassed Bitcoin Cash which is being mined and dogecoin which is increasing because of bonus for every login.  I am also using the diversity set up to get increased bits for some selected coins. Curecoins and grid coins now are growing bits from SETI and Cloud Folding.  A column on the image above shows the increased results of mining daily.  You can also view the results daily since i do post it here on page   Latest  purchased hash
SHA 256  0.05 THS   purchase June 30/ 17 = $6 44427 45241 814 satoshis
ETHASh  0.02  MHS   purcahse June 30/  $4.40 342349 346965 4616 eth is another mining site though hashes had to be purchased results of mining for satoshis and ethereum are on the right column
                                                                                                                    Latest            Difference 1066 1113 47
9 cryptos--bytecoin,monero,fantomcoin,quazar coin,digital note reg July 20/17 
monetaverde, dashcoin, aeon coin, infinium  free/ mine on com

Minergate is a crypto pools created by mining enthusiast .  It is mining different alt coins on its pool , mined throug cloud mining free and paid . Purchased hashes to increased mine power.  I am mining 9 alt coins as described and the result of the mining is above , changes occur due to fluctuating prices of different coins 

CELLPHONE OR TABLET download app at play store
In dollar
code OU4LND for bitmaker app on phone or tablet  552750 blk
xapo -= bitcoins  0.00103899 $4.45
coinbase = ethereum  0.0028 eth $1.07
Cellphone or tablet can already be used to raised bitcoins as well as dollar equivalent , Bitmaker is one of the
application that can be download on play store on cellphone or tablets. You can used my code  OU4LND for your bitmaker app

SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES          109 130 2k is on fhub 21603 plus 7 7 90570 plus 15 15
Social networking sites are already engaged in bitcoin ventures so above is an example where you engage with the members about your bitcoin sites. Coinpole had already pay on the microwallet about 12k but since there was an attack on faucethub 10k was lost or it had been included in the payment to blockchain together with my other faucet account link to fhub using the bitcoin address  1P1hDfxNvutwdRJEvuDh6qBYvcijeM77jZ  

Coin Pole  payment 
Faucehub pays blockchain using the bitcoin address
1st 3472 3668 196 0.06879 0.06962 0.00241 241 87023 8400 3000
Other sites ad sites, trading and investments are sources of bitcoins. One big contribution of bitcoin was from adbtc an adsites that pays big on members who visits and surf on their ads the latest was i had been paid after 15 days on blockchain when i reached about 15k cap

The broker site had to be re-activated and the mellow ads is for promoting bitcoin venture campaigns 

FAUCETS           free             latest     difference 89259 91997 2738 12853 13026 173   12410 12478 68   16.495 16.959 0.464 339k 346k 7000 85.14 87.1 1.96 9.5 9.75 0.25  5618 5667 49 4128 4177 99          3147 3188 41    2810 2835 25 4278 4312 34
http;// 5825 5833 8 5461 5501 40 357 15 4171 4243 72    12742 12789 47  8280 8355 75 3090 3113 23  19280 19288 8

The listing above are faucets that pays in bitcoin, usually its completing the captcha and then claiming bitcoins of other altcoins, its also an adsites . In my experienced i am considering on taking out those that pays a small amount of bitcoin, which are time consuming but with little value.  Meanwhile some bitcoin sites will reach the withdrawal cap so earnings will soon be coming. 

PROBLEMATIC BITCOIN SITES  (not loading maybe scam) 
The list of problematic sites had also been posted to warn readers and bitcoin enthusiast on these sites. For me they have been a problem. The elenafaucets had been changing results , my old accounts bits is an on and off thing. There are days that old bits comes out then following day a new result comes in.  The three mining sites i had discovered to be scam its on search and my own involvement with the site. 

Hope you register with good bitcoin sites and dont forget to daily visit for updates here's the 


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