Monday, August 7, 2017

Disruption distracted my posting about EOBOT

Its not known to me that there will be disruptions or changes with bitcoin and the blockchain . It was only recenty this end of July 2017 that i had known about the issue. But nevertheless it had awaken me on the real status on the  bitcoin system.   Before nobody is paying attention about bitcoin then thru the efforts of  pioneers in the development and promotion of  bitcoin it became popular and now interest are setting in because of the big wealth potential. The attack on bitcoin was not only outside of the invention now it is inside. 

I am to believe that continuos attack on bitcoin will still prevail until problems encountered within and without had not been resolve.  But we cannot spent much time on the issue , we had a mission to generate the biggest amount of bitcoins or cryptos that we can get and spent it as a new currency of the millenieum. 

In one of my article i had posted about my preferences in terms of generating bitcoins and other cryptos . I said i prefer more  "mining" rather than dealing with ad sites that pays on bitcoin because of several reason , so with this i am now posting  a video about EOBOT which i had been a disrupted post . 

I would like to see the inside of  EOBOT and its features so if you might be interested join in and earn your bitcoins and cryptos.  I would like to post videos one by one then later i will share with you some tips in generating more. Right now be familiar with the Eobot site ,  it is not hard to now the inside and how the site operates , the best thing to do is register NOW  and start earning. 

For further clarification on the video that your watching i want to add the following ; 

*  Eobot is a mining site that mines thru hardwares , they have their own hardware mining machines. You can also mine on your own computers by downloading softwares or also by hardwares on your   own home.  Right now since i do not do the mining at home , i am now "cloud mining" , cloud mining can be free or buy some hashes . 

* Now Eobot are mining  ,  21 cryptos including bitcoin . They are also dealing with SETI a program that also produces points when you participate on the program. The program is a scientific experiment that works with interconnected computers in Search for Extra Terrestial Intelligence by simple running a piece of the software and linking it to Eobot cloud.  The other program is also an interconnected computer that is called Cloud Folding where Standford University are studying Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Hungtingtons and different types of cancers.  I have not seen this social program interconnection with any mining site. 

*In the video you are seeing btc results on every crypto coins some are 0 , just dont mine them yet. I am more interested for you to see what are inside . Later i will explain those bits on different crypto coins.  

* I had open all the menu buttons for you readers to see the actual inside but it probably fast so in order for you to know more of the details , in a not so fast video register now  here  .  I was not able to show to you the "chat space". You can contact anybody who are members of eobot if you want to make friends, or you want to know others experiences . There are a lot of lessons from the members , this is what i had learned with some members. 

*  Next i will give some pointers on how to get free bitcoins or other cyrpto coins of course free, everybody wants it Free.  See yah on the next article , dont forget to visit updates on 

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