Friday, August 25, 2017

Roger Ver the bitcoin Jesus on bitcoin cash (BCC)

In the last two months we were confronted with new developments the latest was about the split. I did not know about this debate until it came to be last August 1, 2017  that a new "fork" thats what the experts says had been activated.  

For us laymen it means that a new coin or a split from the old or classic bitcoin  was born.  At first i did not know this , until i search on why is this happening with bitcoin  and we cannot help but accept the fact this events. 

And with my search , i had known some information about the split and Roger Ver , the bitcoin Jesus was one among on the side of "bitcoin cash" whom i know was the very first big investor of bitcoin. 

Here is his side about the "bitcoin cash" 

  An interview was also done with Roger Ver and ask him about  bitcoin cash

With the changes that are happening now we just dont know what will happen with the crypto technology.  Maybe you can share what you think will happen? 

For the meantime , let us continue with some research about this happenings  within the bitcoin eco system .

bitcoin cash is now added with as one of the coins being mined  visit and register with  

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