Friday, August 18, 2017

Starting with Eobot crypto generation 1

In my last article i had shown the site. We have tour the inside of the mining site,  the menus , the cryptos that they are mining as well as the social programs which make it different with other mining sites.  Now we are going to start with generating cryptos.   

I called the video or post generate crypto 1 since any other coins than bitcoins or all of the coins are cryptos except for some programs on like SETI and cloud folding which are programs but earns bits others are all coins.  I start with eobot the generate crypto 1 since i prefer mining in generating bitcoins. 

The video is about cryptos on, it relays what you earn on eobot for "Free" but you can also purchase hashes. On the video you earn "doge coins" daily upon your login. 

You also earn from "Free Faucet"  and great you earn from the faucet and target any coins and on the video its the hashes that we are increasing everyday.  You can also increase your hash rate by purchasing the hashes. 

Also on the video i was not able to make "0" earnings for all the coins , so the earnings on any coins were stop to increase the hashes except for bitcoin cash, SETI, Cloud Folding and the curecoins which are produced from cloud folding.  

I hope you will learn from the video , especially those who are new to bitcoins and cryptos. 

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