Sunday, August 20, 2017

Increased hashes more power to mine

I started to post in my last article how to increased hashes by using the faucet to get the power which you can do daily.  But this is limited so i continue to increased more hashes by using the bits of other coins within the list of

Watch the video ; 

Generate Cryptos 1 

1.  Shows dogecoin increasing daily whenever login with 

2.  Utilizing the faucet to get power to the hashes 

3.  Visiting the list of coins and programs .  Set up any coins , we start with bitcoin and set up the coin  to used it to exchange it to power up the hashes

4.  After utilizing the bitcoin , we can see the history and the results of  using the bits from bitcoin 

5.  Again ,  the procedure is the same throughout the other coins 

-   ethereum  , litecoin ,  steem ,  ripple ,  dash ,  curecoin, xem ,  monero ,  zcash, bytecoin,   gridcoin,   GHS 4.0

6.  I had bypass dogecoin , bitcash , cloud folding and Seti which are the coins and program that are mine .  Bitcoincash is a special new coin which is a challenger for the bitcoin , these stands for the original mission of bitcoin so whatever happens to the original these new fork will take place so the earlier we observe the development of these coin.  For the SETI and Cloud folding , these are not coins  but program and it produces bits for curecoin and gridcoin. 

7.  Looking at the diversify on the list of coins and programs , the check ones are only bitcoin cash, SETI, Cloud folding and GHS 4.0 

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