Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wrong purchased of cloud mining hash

The video is about a member who finds the hash rate with  higher , so he is planning to  look for other sites that have lower hashing rates which he recommends.  He will only be back with if the hash rate vale goes down.  It is probably one reason why the result of my 24 hour rental for cloud mining hash rate decreases not increases .

Comments on his video should also be taken into account , some says that other cloud mining sites are scams and why go away from eobot , this site had been online for about three years and it had no problem .

The cloud mining sites he is recommending are the following , it is also good to consider Kevin's Channel which also recommend same site as the first video above.

 Kevin's Channel -
Crypto-games -
Hashflare -
minegate -

The video of Kevin which compares other cloud mining sites with eobot

Other currencies being mined by Kevin and Why ? 

Watch this video from Jeff Morgan who is mining different coins to help us guys in creating our own strategies on mining  


I hope you learned some tips from this people who are active  with and other mining sites. 

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