Tuesday, June 27, 2017

EOBOT 1st mining site that i knew


With the last 2 articles that i had posted , maybe you already have the idea of  the "bitcoin mining" and  now i want to introduce to you the real mining  bitcoin site.  Before they are using hardwares and software for their mining , i even had downloaded  their software to mined bitcoins on my computer but  later on had given up the method.  Now they are on a "cloud mining"  where in the latest article on  bitcoin mining it was explained what cloud bitcoin mining is all about. 

Here are the latest bitcoin currencies that  "eobot.com " is mining  ;
So on the site you can choose what bitcoin currency you want to mined , for me i started with bitcoin before and until now it is still bitcoin that i will be focusing.  When i stop being active with "eobot" as you can see on the picture i have already 87,601 bits or 0.00087601 bitcoins. This can already be withdrawn to my bitcoin wallet though the automatic withdrawal is about  0.0200 bitcoins .

The minimum for withdrawal is 0.002 so we still have to reach the amount to withdraw it on my wallet, it can be automatic of manual. 

What we need to do to have again new bitcoins and reached the value of minimum withdrawal ?
> If you like to have bitcoins on your own account , just register with my links   


>The new feature of  eobot.com has its own faucet , so just visiting the faucet and solving the captcha , it will give you free bitcoins , adds up to your total 

To find the faucet  just click on the " Products" , then click on faucet follow instructions . My visit just give me 218 bits.

> Mining before was free , though to have more and be fast with bitcoins  buy plan  but for mining using your computer follow this  ;
>There are other features from eobot.com aside from mining like cloud SETI ( search for extra torrestial intelligence ) , cloud folding ,  mining pool, redeeming and the faucet . Just click on the Products to learn more about this 

On my next article i will post about the developments regarding  my eobot.com ,  i will probably download again the software and or buy  cloud hashing plans ,   keep on reading and clicking .

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