Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hash rate should be studied before purchased

As you all know i am again starting to be active with . The fist thing i did was to visit the faucet and get some satoshis which i had done and the number of satoshis went up from 87,601 to 87,819  which is an increased of 218 where the latter was the satoshis from the faucet. 

Now since i could not purchased hash using my credit card , i used my satoshis numbering 87,819 to buy a 24 hour rental of cloud 256 ;  

My bitcoin and the value of bitcoin before this purchased was  this;

Now the result of the 24 hour rental  is this ; 

Its a decrease not an increase from the number of btc  from the total of  87819 - 74592 its a decrease of 13, 227 the value of btc from  $2.315  to  $1.902 a decrease of  0.413 . So what had just happened was that the purchase was not studied well  instead of earning its a loss. 

The lesson now is study the purchased of cloud hash , the visit and getting of free bitcoins is ok but not the purchased of  cloud hash. 

The faucet of  could be included in the list of visited bit sites also with faucet while purchased of cloud hash is being studied.  

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