Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Active again with

On the latest articles about , i had shown you what is bitcoin mining or other crypto currency mining.  I wanted to be active again with bitcoin or with other currencies so i started with getting free bitcoins with my former bitcoin sites and its on going and updating  heres my link . These  are the list of bitcoin sites where you can get  free bitcoins from apps on cellphones and bit sites on the net using your computer.  

I had also informed you about and my latest status with this mining site.  I had accumulated satoshis about 87, 601 but had increased the day i visited cause i click on the faucet. The amount could not be withdrawn to my bitcoin wallet since it is not 0.002 satoshis so i need to purchased a hash plan but still i cannot used my credit card because the site will activate cards after a week more.  The only way to activate more with is use my satoshi balance and the way to do it is buy a hash plan.. 

What i purchased was Cloud SHA-256 4.0 which is a 24 hour rental of the hash which i could probably raised the number of satoshis for a day . As of this writing the number of satoshis is about 52.148 whose amount is about $1.3 and it will expire on 7:20 pm today.  I just did this to try if  the satoshis will increase and be active again with . 

What is clear to me now is that visiting and clicking on the faucet will give additional bitcoins to my account and later the total satoshis in my account could buy hash rates with the short time about 24 hours later it would increased to more than a day.  Follow me  for your bitcoins here are the links ; 

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